Looking for old UM stuff

I seem to post this on every rendition of the Bort lol. For whatever reason I’m super into collecting random old UM stuff. Stuff most fans could not care less about. I just like it. It’s my thing. So if you have stuff from '97-'04, shoot me a PM or post here e.g. posters (even the basic street team if early), merch, set lists, signed stuff, giveaways from shows, old fan made stuff and so on.

Do I get emails for PMs on this version of Bort? This format is a little beyond my tech skills lol. Thanks!

I found some old posters when I was cleaning out my parents basement. They have been there for over 10 years. Mostly stuff from 04-06. 04 and 05 NYE, Chicago Theater 06, Skyline hand bill. It’s not mint condition but they are in good shape. Mostly some bent corners. I also have the UM Bowl III poster with playing cards in tact. I can only post one image at a time because I am a new user. I was n2freak on the old bort.

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What skyline handbill?

  1. DM me if you are interested.
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Appreciate but I’m good on this stuff. Thanks for reaching out though.

Umphreys Posters

Here is the link on eBay for some of the posters. Let me know if you want to bundle anything.

Thanks man. I have this stuff but appreciate the offer. Good luck!

I have a sealed copy of SFOW for some reason. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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I’ll shoot ya a PM. Thanks!

How much for the Jam in the Dam print? Looks like decent condition besides a bent corner, should look fine once framed?

Still have this?

He never responded to my PM. Not sure what happened there. Likely just forgot?


My bad, missed the PM. Holding on to it for a friend.

Cool, cool. Sent ya a PM back again :slight_smile: