Long Strange Trip

Finished Long Strange Trip today. Really enjoyed it, particularly the very beginning and the last episode. As a relatively casual fan, the darkness around the last few years of the Dead/Jerry was sort of news to me. Thought it was pretty well done.

Thanks for reminding me I don’t think I ever finished it. Will dive back in as I really enjoyed it. The part about the Playboy party is hilarious.

they handled this part of the story really well in my opinion. it’s the part that’s frequently omitted when the heady boomers start feeling nostalgic, but the big picture is clearly incomplete without it.

It’s really the worst part. The unwanted and unwarranted diefying of Jerry was ultimately his demise. “Alone in a sea of family.” Very sad.

I remember him saying something along the lines of… I really don’t like talking to the crowd, they hang on my every word. It’s very strange.

You are one or two 73 shows away from drinking the Kool aid

I love the dead! Just never really got into live dead

That’s the Kool aid


Planning to check this out soon.

Have u guys seen the Bobby LST documentary? I’m curious how well that one turned out as well. Will likely watch both regardless, but would love to hear any non-spoiler reviews

Found that on either Hulu or Netflix when I searched for the Jerry version.

Just finished this la at night. I’ve been digging into the dead a lot the last few years. It took a while for me to “get it” and for it to click, but so glad I did. Though LST did a great job of just showing the band as a whole throughout the decades without focusing too much on one aspect.