List of all Stew Art Series

Was trolling through the WaybackMachine trying to find David Lee Roth Spires and came across these. Anybody have any of the missing info?

2009-10-03 Milwaukee WI

2009-10-24 Portland OR

Improv #1
mudslide on mars
climbing a mountain
Balloon Boy
West Coast vs. East Coast
vs Midwest
vs. Dirtysouth
hall and oats make a porno
funky imperial death march
slashing tires
i'm unemployed
chaka khan at an iron maiden show
slowly spiraling down

Improv #2
ping pong jazz
you love your fans
being chased by the cops
pink funk
Swine Flu
Jake and brendan only
skydiving w no parachute

Improv #3
saving the princess
Andy fart solo
only clapping and vocals
drunkenstumbling into a techno rave in boys town on accident
safe sex reggae psa
brendan is wiley e coyote jake is roadrunner kris is bugs bunny andy is sylvester joel is tweety ryan is yosemite sam
Bring it old skool compton style
went mushroom hunting and ate the wrong one
scareway to Heaven
we won the war!
mozart bigass finish

2009-11-13 South Burlington VT

Improv #1
Daft Punk doe Celtic
Friday the 13th
Egyptian Sexy Time!!
Hippy Losing Joint
Salsa Showdown in Tiajuana
Angry Oompa Loompas
Metal Overload
Campfire Sing Along

Improv #2
Pulp Friction
John Lee Hooker in a Strip Club
Something Quite Fancy
Underwater Baroque Ball
Boiling Water
Thanksgiving Dinner Coma
Gangster Bake Sale
Silent But Deadly

Improv #3
Headie Birthday Bass Solo
Orfeo/Kimble Cage Match
triple time
freezing cold in Canada
Holes in the Wall of your rented apartment
Soaring Deeply
Tool Mellowed Out
Lake Champlain Monster is Hungry
Bust Out the Pedals You Use Least
We Need More Cowbell
Joel is Young Again
Super Mario Hunting Party

Improv #4
Running from Security at Higher Ground
Slap Da Bass Mon
S2 is my 1st Umphreys show
BB, Andy, Joel vs. Ryan, Kris, & Jake
take me to my dark place
technical difficulties

2009-11-21 Washington DC

Improv #1
slayer plays techno
found nemo in a sushi roll
Johnny cash vs. Jerry Garcia
darth vader on ecstacy
Brazilian baby making melodies
Baby. Honey. Metal. Darling.
reggae jazz club
Running to make it to the bathroom before you puke
parachute won’t open, noooooo

Improv #2
sesame shakedown street
the fro vs the rat tail
drugs with instructions
evil Christmas
d.c. Jimmy page meets Mozart
disco biscuits play prog-rock
joel plays the moog like its 1978
Backseat of car->first base->second base->third base->heading home!
arpeggio overload
cemetery sprint II
its a sausage fest lets hear it 4 the girls!
brendan and jake play each other’s rigs

Improv #3
napoleon dynamite in a porno
Kung Fu Challenge: Yngwie Malmsteen vs John Tesh
waful makes me dizzy
wappy jazzberry
firefight on a merry go round
tours almost over going home
bee gees play your wedding
untz party at brendan’s house
jajunk in the trunk
don’t let the wooks backstage
kris myers vs. andy farag

Improv #4
Cousin Eli meets dr dre in a dark alley
love child of mastadon and miss tinkle
guy in the crowd who doesn’t get any texts put on screen
sexy party
leaving a flaming bag of poo then running for your life
the future?
Talkback mic confusion
The walk of shame
Brendan bayliss after too much Jameson
Umphrey’s fight song
That’s it joell…you’re out of the band!
Summon the gods!

2010-01-23 Denver CO

2010-02-06 Atlanta GA

2010-02-27 Philadelphia PA

2010-03-13 Minneapolis MN

**2010-04-24 UMBOWL 1 *****

2010-09-24 Memphis TN

Improv #1
All Things Glory
Graceland Honey Sugar Darling
TN Bluegrass Jamtronica
Eminence Front Porch
Jamaican Man’s Moccassins
Thick Air
I’ve heard that shows the night of S2 events are always extra special. Do you guys feel this is true?

Improv #2
FF the police
Jake Plays Keys
Double Rainbow All The Way
Kris Sings The Blues
Collective F**k You Joel
Dirty Father
Double Moog Me
Shredfest 2010

Improv #3
Dub & Dirty
Stasik Sock Jam
Stasik Sings a Verse of Divisions
Waful Has Seizure
Evil Jazz
Local Band Does Subpar
Xanadu Epic Solo
Vocal Jam
Don’t Stop Till You Get a PuFF
Tribute to Isaac Hayes Shaft
Wellwishers Preview?

2010-10-08 Seattle WA

2010-10-22 Kalamazoo MI

Improv #1
Jaco’s Modern Life
The Reverend Kris Myers
Mesa Boogie
Prophecy Later
Stasik’s Bachelor Party
You’re the band playing while the titanic sinks
The Mullet Stomp
UM circa ‘98
Everyone Play Their Favorite Song
Cemetery Wok
Too Many Two Hearteds
Hellwishers (Wellwishers evil cousin)

Improv #2
Pedro’s Gone :(
Umphrey’s McGee: For The Bedroom
Bayliss Shred
Beethoven Goes Go A Rave
UM Does An Infomercial
Classic Rock Goes Classical
Don’t Tell My Girlfriend I’m Here
Farag Bongo Solo
Dub The Pig

Improv #3
State Theater Disco Party
Myers & Farag Swap
Moog Throwdown
Songs for Joel’s Youth (whenever that was)
Sprayberry Pop Tart
Something For The Ladies
Push the War Pigs
Autumn Breeze

2010-11-06 Washington DC

Improv #1
Songs For Older Men
Presidential Carnival
Disco in Zion
Death Metal Glory
Muzak Eat
Hats vs. No Hats
Booty Wax Commercial
Evil Scary Clowns
Ragtime Entertainer

Improv #2
Open Bar Jam
November Rain Man
Cemetery Funk
Grateful McGee
Too Much Red Bull
Jamaican Busride
Implied Van Halen Stew
Becker Killswitch Solo
The New Frontier

Improv #3
One Handed Drum Solo
Irony Of The Tiger
Waful vs. Jake
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Rejected Halloween Mashup
Pony vs. Joel Moog Battle
Must Have My Mustache Ride Freestyle
Umph/Haynes Xmas jam Preview
Funk You Joel
Umphrey’s 2012 NYE

2011-01-23 Denver CO

Improv I:
Rastafarian Snoop Dogg
Sound Engineer’s Worst Nightmare
How Ryan Felt When The Steelers Missed The Playoffs
Sweaty Bunk Love
Mile High
Shirt Too Tight, Even For Joel
Myers Farag Duel
Save the Princess Part II
All Guns Blazin’

Improv II:
Wappy Dingleberry
Conan vs. Leno
Cemetary Walk Part III
Marc Brownstein vs. Jenn Hartswick
Coming In the Back Door
First Umphreys Tour Bus
Iron Maiden Does Devo
Song For Your Mothers
Reaction to Magner Sitting In the Front Row at Holidaze during the Moos
7 Years For Kris

Improv III:

Panty Droppin’ Pop
Good Poker
Try to Confuse Jaco
NYE All Over Again
Umphrey’s McGeeLand Theme Song
Funky Neil Diamond
1st Song You Will Play When You Headline Red Rocks
Brendan Imitates Jaco Guitar Playing Style
A Song For the 11 Chicks Here!
Joelless in Flagstaff Reprise
Twiser Reprise
How You Feel After Eating At Waffle House
Riders On the Snow Sorm
Summercamp Preview

2011-03-05 Minneapolis MN

Improv I:
1:55 PM - Heavy metal august
2:15 PM - charley’s mcsheen
2:17 PM - funk jam at the end of deeper
2:19 PM - new song preview!?
2:22 PM - jafunk
2:22 PM - all moog’s utilized
2:24 PM - gibberish lyrical stew
2:25 PM - RAGE!
2:26 PM - Tritone Jam
Improv II:
2:30 PM - develop a jam, 1 instrument at a time
2:38 PM - wafulize > full band seizure
2:39 PM - on the rhodes again
2:41 PM - mexican food poisoning
2:41 PM - a song for townes
2:43 PM - glory into haji
2:46 PM - soaring BB solo
2:47 PM - digital tape mcgee
2:47 PM - pete townshend backs up paul simon
2:48 PM - yoda does cocaine and turns to the darkside
Improv III:
2:49 PM - UM bringing sexy back
2:50 PM - Ritmo Caliente!
2:59 PM - Joel soundbite jam
3:00 PM - (a space)
3:02 PM - Instrument switch

**2011-04-02 UMBOWL 2 *****

2011-07-08 Grand Rapids MI

Improv 1
Grand Rapids Psycho Killer Funk Jam
Soaring Metal Freakout
Old School hip hop farag bayliss freestyle flow
Farag Solo
Dub Wizard Burial Ground
Angry Booth Love

Improv 2
Senior Speedy Gonzalez Mouse
Slap Bass Solo
Stasik on a Porn Set
Push It To the Dangers Zone
Disco Hangover
Bluegrass Jam
Joel “Rick Wakeman” Cummins Solo

Improv 3
Kris Andy Switch
epic end of the world jam
Bang on the drums all day (full band on percussion)

2011-09-08 Brooklyn NY

sUMmerschool 2012

Fripp Fairytale > Point Break
Joel Standing at Moog and Smiling > Everybody Farting All The Time
Lick My Love Pump > Petrified Moose
German Porn Music
Equal Rights Chi-Fil-A
Camper S2
Reggae Waltz


Thanks but more importantly where is the spires David lee Roth video