Lesser of Two Evils

Reading the replies in @NikoEstevan 's new thread got me thinking about some of my favorite songs by Umphrey’s that are shells of their former selves. So I present to you this next topic…

…would you rather heard a Rocker Part II with TLS jam or the Bottom Half with a Free Fallin’ jam?

Both are a travesty in my opinion, but the Rocker Part II fiasco hurts more.



I’d take the rocker


I got into UM right around the time they released TLS, so that Rocker II was my first impression of that song and I always loved it. Love that song and I dig that jam, but would definitely like to see them open it up and go a different direction with it. Never did my due diligence to listen to any of the older, stand-out versions of it.


Rocker II for sure, pretty fun song live imo

Don’t think I’ve ever heard The Bottom Half with Free Falling in it, TLS in Rocker 2 is probably 75% these days.

Def Rocker II

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BtL with intro or without?

I prefer the intro instead of jumping right in, I’m also a BtL fanboi though

With. If it’s going to take up a 10-12 minutes, more than likely without improv…may as well take it old school.

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I was going to recommend a few versions then I thought to myself, just listen to Langerado 2008 in its entirety…

March 7, 2008 Umphrey’s McGeeLangerado Music FestivalBig Cypress Reservation, FL, USA

Set 1: JaJunk > Higgins, 40’s Theme, Wappy SprayberryBridgeless > The Floor, Utopian Fir > Mulche’s Odyssey, Rocker Part 2 > Padgett’s Profile, All In Time, Nothing Too Fancy > JaJunk

Encore: In The Kitchen > Bridgeless

**Show Notes:**late night on Sunset Stage

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Is free fallin in bottom half a common thing? Either way B1/2 > rocker 2

Is Bottom Half with Free Falling all that ubiquitous? I don’t think I’ve even seen one like that. Still I’d probably rather see a Rocker II get TLS’d since that’s less annoying to me than a Free Falling jam.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard B 1/2 w free falling. Is it common?

I haven’t ever heard of the commonality of b1/2 free falling

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I’m a sucker for free fallin all the time so I’d rather that every time. I still have the John Mayer acoustic cover in my playlists and love to hear it.

Here’s another:

  • Reso w Norwegian Wood
  • Hbb w La Grange

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I might have been delusional and confused the Free Fallin’ B1/2s with the I’m On Fire B1/2s but if you search Free Falling jam on this forum I’ve already found several in the Bottom Half but it appears in a lot of songs it looks like. So maybe I should go more high level and compare a Rocker Part II with a TLS jam to the Bottom Half with a cover jam since I’m trying to compare to former jam vehicles getting their improv neutered by repeated jams. Type 1 as fuck if you ask me!

HBB is my fav um tune, so I’d be super sad if they ruined it with a la grange. It already hurts when I can remember the dope 2 jam bnbs of years gone. 2012 had some stand outs

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Reso with Norwegian Wood pre first jam ala 1/27/11. HBB sucks anyway


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So I counted the Free Falling jam results off our setlist threads here. This is the tally:

Resolution - 4
The Bottom Half - 5
Der Bluten Kat - 1
The Fuzz - 1

So 5/11 Free Fallings have been jammed in the Bottom Half. I saw two of them which could be a reason it was prominent to me.

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Can’t you do a tease search on all things?