Led Zeppelin

Just rediscovered this clip I was sent a few years ago. Jimmy working through the Heartbreaker solo section. Cool listen for a quarantined monday… https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwwz7ax9uhzpwzj/HB%20solos.mp3?dl=0

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stern released images of their new led zeppelin pinball table. looks like a standard current-era band-IP stern game

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I have friends that are obsessed with pinball and would always follow the local circles so they could know when some dumpy bar would be getting new pinball machines. They’d be all over this.

Wow only took 9 months for the LZ thread to get its first reply. That’s impressive.

Been a while, throwing on III now.

This place closed a few years back but it was down the block from my buddies, had cheap pitchers and a fine tuned Soprano’s pinball machine. Spent many a coin there.

since this is now a pinball thread - in 2024 when bars open back up, you can track (and contribute!) to pinballmap.com

I still regularly listen to Zeppelin. And I always play that shit on guitar. It never gets old. LZ knocked it out of the park with what guitar-centric music is and should always be. It terms of hours-listened in my lifetime, LZ is probably third after UM and Phish. Some of the greatest songs ever written. Truly, in my opinion, the greatest rock band to ever exist. And it’s not close in my mind.

When some friends and I crew up and go on a road trip to Tahoe or wine country LZ radio is always the go-to. Everyone is onboard for it.


I’m with you 100%. Probably my most listened to artist.

My buddy’s car had Led Zeppelin I stuck in his car’s CD player for over a year. We rarely listened to the radio. Such amazing heartbreak portrayed on that album, “blues rock” at it’s absolute finest.

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Same, 100%. Undeniable GOAT.

So many good memories smoking bowls as we drift through the snow filled suburbs on our way back to school for wrestling practice.

How the West Was Won is easily one of the greatest live albums ever.

I’m pretty sure Physical Graffiti is my favorite. This band really was my gateway drug to it all, changed my life. 12 year old me ate their discography up.


My buddy just asked for “Led Zeppelin-like recommendations, a little bluesy/a little rocky”

I already told him to listen to more Zeppelin but he insists. What do y’all suggest?

I swear to god if somebody says Greta Van Fleet…

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fuck i wish i didn’t open the spoiler before i made my recommendation

I like Rival Sons for a modern blues rock band. Otherwise just listen to more Zeppelin


Thanks, I’ll spin a few of their tracks and decide if I just want to double down on more zeppelin or recommend them.

put em on a 69 pigpen heater

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Big Wreck is a legit straight rock n roll band.

take a sip of this, and hit play in 45 minutes.

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Will check that one out too.

Achilles Last Stand is such a beast of a track. Presence in general isn’t the most cohesive, but that track alone is worth listening to the whole album