Jam of the Year 2020

1.19 Resolution
1.23 Plunger
1.25 Dump City
1.25 In the Kitchen
1.29 Nemo
1.29 Cut the Cable
1.30 Miss Tinkles Overture
1.31 Bad Friday
2.01 Sociable Jimmy
2.13 Utopian Fir
2.26 North Route
2.27 Ocean Billy

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I don’t think that BK Reso should be on here

1/31 Whistle Kids lol

I would honestly put 2/1 Sociable Jimmy on here. It’s not the best jam of the year but it needs to be on a list of 2020 jams worth your time. Stacks up to a few of these IMO.


1/31 Whistle Kids
2/1 Sociable
were so dope.

I like the 2/1 Kabump more than the SJ tbh

I would throw the 1-17 OB. Right now my votes goes to the cut the cable.

Not me, but they’re both good. I’ll take the Jimmy all day though. A ways into that 1st Kabump jam I was thinking “huh they’re getting deep, they may not even go back to the song” but of course the did.

The more I listen to that Nemo the more I think it’s right up there with CtC for the best of the year. It’s unique, it’s beautiful, and it fucking rages at the end. Was that jam planned?

1/17/20 Mulche’s does it for me (also in the context of how “better” it is than most versions).

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Yeah, it’s a really good one-two…and with a beautifully placed Pequod to follow. The whole show is really great. I really like the janky bass sounds Joel has been all over this year

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A big chunk of this (the good part) is a Meeting in the Aisle jam, so not really JOTY worthy to me.

2.1 Mantis and Miami Virtue are really good but just come up short of being on the list IMO, but that Bad Friday is so damn great. Might be a top 3 version of that song.

maybe not JOTY material, but 2/13 Puppet totally floods my basement…

loving the dirty, greasy industrial and bleep-bloop electronic sounds joel and stasik are using in jams so far this year…

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Caverns Fir. I guess technically it’s 2 jams but goddamn both of them are so sick

The Floor Caverns and Wappy Dutchman from 2/28 is also amazing

I’ve been stuck on the OB. Stasik and Kris really set the tempo and I enjoy Jake when he’s not overbearing.

Yeah this OB is straight danceparty. I agree that Jake showing unusual restraint here lends itself to an awesome jam.

I feel like Jake is sometimes at his best when he restrains himself and shows some patience. He has an ability to throw in some subtle riffs that make a jam very catchy. Thats why I loved the 8-9-18 Phil’s Farm (thought it was jam of the year material).

Diggin this billy

8.15.20 Airbag