Jam Cruise 19

Anyone going? I’ve been keeping my eye on cabins and now the site states less than 50 left. I am not in a position to book right now but hoping to swoop in on a spot or cabin closer to February. I still need to renew my passport so should probably take care of that first. :slight_smile:

Here’s the lineup if you haven’t peeped it…

Not going, but that lineup looks a little better than I remember thinking when it was first announced. Weird to see Daniel Donato’s name on there but his band isn’t on the lineup. Been really enjoying his stuff lately.

@ass travels for Lettuce, so I imagine he’ll be there.


Neal Frances is cool. Haven’t seen him live (under that name), but his former band The Heard was awesome when I saw them at scamp a few years ago. They only put one album out, but it’s solid front to back.

Curious who’s going to be on drums for the New Deal.

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if you’ve got the Dickinson brothers there they oughta have a North Mississippi All Stars show.


loved the one jamcruise i was on (got engaged, taboot) – it truly was a blast but i’m going to have to keep it at a one in a lifetime experience since i am now so irked by how much cruise ships are truly horrific for the planet

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I have never been on a cruise but I’ve been doubling down on my composting and recycling this year, especially my cannabis waste, so I am hoping I have enough carbon credits to offset any damage I’ll be doing to the Earth by that point.


totally wasnt trying to guilt trip or discourage. i’ll highly encourage anyone who hasn’t been to go, as it was amazing.

(going to a random bar tender to ask for a bag of ice to cool down my sun burn and having steve kimock comment about how uncomfortable my burn looked. or being in an elevator and chris kuroda saunters on. or …)

not trying to be high on a horse or anything. i’m glad i did the one, but just dont think i could keep going (even though the robe you get if you’ve done 4(?) is dope as hell)

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I love my robe and have done several Jam Cruises but now that I’m older and don’t party as hard as I used to it would take 5 or 6 acts I love to get me back on the boat again I feel…


Every time Umphrey’s gets announced as a headliner for this I say I’m going to do it and still haven’t so I figure this one is the one to make. My biggest concern is padding my stats at this point and the Atlantic Ocean is a new place for me to see Umphrey’s. I’m not really a fan of this year’s lineup to be honest. I read Frasco and almost threw up a bit in my mouth.

Imo, that’s a pretty great lineup if you can get past the Frasco fiasco. Fearless Flyers, Cymande, KDTU, Fruition, getting to catch George Porter Jr., Lespecial, Delvon Lamarr, Polyrhythmics, Mike Dillon, Reed Mathis, Adam Deitch, John Medeski.

Seems like some magical stuff could happen.

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Definitely a bunch of players but my ideal Jam Cruise would have Lotus, Spafford, Biscuits, the New Deal, and a lot more EDM influences. I know they have or had Holy Ship before but something in the middle would be more my style. I’d love to see the bands I mentioned above along with artists like Bonobo, Caribou, Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet, Emancipator, etc. maybe there is some downtempo or electronica on the lineup I am unaware of but that’s my shit.

I see, yeah, that would be a very different cruise than the funk-heavy lineup this year. Which does seem to be the usual theme.