ISO: ride to Indy from Detroit area 08/18

Looking for anyone who is heading to Indy for the DUMB show. Had all these concerts lined up for the summer, but life had other plans I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and my license was taken away for six months. Attempting to salvage any of the shows this summer.


Shit, sorry to see this. I’ve know a few people who’ve had that same issue, and the loss of being able to drive was a huge headache for them. Wish you the best of luck moving forward & hope you find that ride.

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks man, it does suck but that’s life. I’m fortunate enough to work at the same place as my “wife” but different departments so that helps out. She only goes to one or two shows a year though. Probably won’t make it but figured I would give it a shot!