ISO: Mish Run Tix

I need all three for the Mish run

Any help is much appreciated

UPDATE: In search of thursday only


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hike to the top of the mountain that faces the stage?


Yes but i wanna porty


Pretty confident I have a Friday night ticket to spare

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It’s always the tough tickets that bring these fucking new fans out of the woodwork who never contributed a fucking thing to the community, asking about tickets to shows they feel entitled to attend. Like what have you fucking done for the UM community? You come in here like a lost fucking child asking for tickets to a tough show because you weren’t even a fan when they went on sale? Get fucking lost, newby.

(bump for visibility)


pretty sure ISO tickets is supposed to be DMs only.

I been seeing this band since I was in diapers bub

Bump. ISO thursday. Got friday and saturday taken care of

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I don’t have extras. But I hope you find one so we can finally meet. Only doing Thursday.



Adam is getting married on Saturday and I’ve got wedding party stuff to do on Friday

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@stringz @bluish

Y’all know what time curfew is for Thursday? Trying to organize private transportation instead of a shuttle.

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No idea but @bluish has a friend who works for the mish so maybe she can ask

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Also I am good on all these tix now


love this for you

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You should come

early september is no bueno for me, but I’m going to commit to getting out west once next year.

Ooo ya sure “busy season” basically the accountant version of “i got covid”

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my buddy is a CPA who audits fortune 500 companies. He’s always going on and on about busy season but when I ask him to do my taxes he says “that’s not really what I do”


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