ISO Ali Baba's Tahini CDs

Hello hello,

I’m looking for copies of Hopi Champa and Limbo Boots. Trying to complete my collection of solo Jake CDs (was able to track down Sky Paper EP finally!)

Please message me if you would like to part with yours. Heck, I’ll even trade you my jake blade


man, nothing??

Can’t help you, but what’s the scoop on Sky Paper? Never heard of it. Got a track listing you can share?

I guess I should ask to clarify that you’re specifically looking for hard copies? I have mp3s of what you’re looking for if that’s all you’re after.

I’ve only got the common guys like you. Do you know if UM merch has ever sold the two you’re looking for? That is how I got rockstars/living room, but I am not sure that early albums had been sold that way, simply because I was not present

Totally did not realize the track listing for hopi Champa. Excited to listen to studio 40s, kabump and space funk booty

Sky Paper was an exclusive EP for pre-ordering something several years ago. I missed the boat but found the tracks later

Sky Paper
High, Down Low
Dimes in Windows
Comma Later

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Hoping to find a hard copy of Limbo Boots and Hopi Champa. Discogs doesnt have either



Seems steep, but an option:

No clue what market value is for something like that.

Actually, that was the only one that showed up as a google result, but there are better options on ebay. $30 doesn’t seem crazy.

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I have almost all the old stuff (ABT albums, Jake’s solo album, Joel’s solo albums, stuff from Kris’ ska band, Tashi Station recording), but only in mp3. Happy to share whatever if anyone wants anything.

Could always shoot this dude a message and see if he is willing to sell, he has both: nated461

I’d follow both albums on discogs and see if anything pops up for sale. Last sold for each was in 2019 but you never know.

Thanks for all of your help! Bid on the Hopi Champa disc and I’ll message the guy about Limbo.

Side note: how’s Tashi Station? Did any of those songs make it into the UM repertoire?

I’d have to check when I’m home for the exact track listing but yes it has some UM songs including Haji.

Forgot to mention I also have mp3s for the Stomper Bob album. I think the only carryover from that one is Joel’s song Vibe.

Tashi Station tracklist:

Pick Your Nose
10th Grade
Bob (live)
Haji (live)
Muffburger Sandwich (live)

Sound quality is pretty shit

Bump for Limbo Boots hard copy