ISO 1 - 4 tickets for Brooklyn Bowl 1/19/23

Totally missed the boat on the on-sale and am looking for up to 4 tickets, but will take what I can get.

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Did it sell out?

Yup, both Brooklyn Bowl and UM’s sites show it as sold out. I didn’t jump on it last week because I didn’t think this band sold out shows anymore…

Damn I had no idea. I’m sure there will be plenty around the show date

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KB bought the last 100 he will re-release these week of.


oh also I just remembered brooklyn bowl usually has tickets day of show on a first come first serve basis.

but there will be extras.

Bumping since we’re about a week out - if anyone has any extras, even if it’s just one, please let me know!

Week of bump, will take even just one and pay a premium if necessary.