Indie/Bedroom Pop/Lo Fi Thread

I might be the only borter who’s totally into this shit but I feel like it deserves its own thread. I know Lo-Fi is listed in the psych/garage thread already but a lot of the stuff I’m listening to these days doesn’t fit the psych/garage description.

Anyway this shit is my absolute jam for the last few years. It’s basically taken over 90% of my music listening. Anyone else bumping this kinda shit lately? What are some artists worth checking out?

Some of my favorites right now:


Jerry Paper:

Men I Trust:

Boy Pablo:

Mild High Club:

Sunset Rollercoaster:

Birthday Boi

Oh is this the cancelled musicians thread?

Cosmo Pyke
Mac DeMarco
Banes World
Summer Salt

You’d know all about canceled musicians. Mac isn’t canceled and I think Cuco was questionable too right? Cosmo and Bane are 100% out :’(

Ughh for real though the only two I really like on that list are Cozzy and Bane’s and they’re probably the worst on that list.

I love Macdaddy but Bane and Cosmo hurt too much

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::lo fi vibes::

STRFKR is cool

old but good jamz

i feel like this genre peaked a few years ago, sorta how vaporwave did too.But w/e could still listen to these songs on repeat

Did not know this thread existed until today. Here’s some lofi beats I’ve been intermittently enjoying for the past few months. Not sure it’s the best example of what the thread intended, but it’s chill.

really into this indie psych pop band

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I have a playlist that has a bunch of stuff that’d fit into this thread:

Immaculate vibes. Love sadboi bedroom pop.

vocals remind me of Cosmo Pyke a bit. music is a little more lofi and trippy tho, I like it.

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-bort needs more sadboi vibes.

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MGMT and Animal Collective both released albums this year?? What year is it, 2015??

curious what ppl think if they’ve listened to either

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