Holidaze 2021




Awesome line up that I won’t be able to swing


100% in, fuck all my other plans I had. I’m going to this.

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Good thing I just knocked off 75% of my CC debt over the last year lmao.

These might be my girlfriend’s first UM and Biscuits shows…what an introduction to my two favorite bands hahahaha


Be sure to budget an extra $3k for the in room acoustic show with Barber.


I wonder how many women Babz will impregnate that weekend

Gonna try to make this my first Holidaze. To anyone that’s been to this location, what are the pros/cons of each resort?

Stay at Now Sapphire. Dreams is a hike down the beach and far removed from all the music. The bands and their families stay at Dreams.

Yup. We stayed at Sapphire and had a blast just a quick walk to everything. Dreams had kind of a “we want to spend more to be quieter” vibe.

My best friend got married at Now Sapphire, I got a free upgrade to the Presidential Suite for the last night since I was in a room by myself and they had over booked. Guess it was easier to move me for my last night then shuffle other people around. That room is so baller, I’ll post a video of it later.

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Tribe fans are melting down hard on the Holidaze IG announcement post. They said the two staple bands Tribe and Lotus aren’t there and I had to correct all those crystal worshiping nitwits.

I can only imagine the shitshow on FB right now about no Tribe at Holidaze lol.


If they only knew about Carribean Holidaze.

Also, I guess this means moe. is officially Tier 4 now?

It looks like the Dreams rooms are on the lower end of the price range for this year. From what I can gather, Sapphire is where the action is, but the all inclusive amenities are toned-down. Dreams is detached from the main events, but provides room service and higher quality dinning options.

I wasn’t letdown by the Sapphire dining options, though I think I may have gotten bored with them after another couple days. We were never in our room long enough to warrant getting room service. Usually grabbed a “to go” plate (read: 20 chicken tendies) from the main restaurant/buffet if we were hungry at the end of the night. To be quite honest, even if they were about equal price I’d probably still go Sapphire given the location to the action, but I guess it depends on the kind of trip you want.

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I rather eat LSD for 5 days then eat most resort food.

I look about this good after that diet…


Looks like KB and I have similar body types. With or without resort food. So no shaming from me lol

I’m only going to this for the new water park they added on the resort

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Ooooh tell me more!!!

Just got my token for noon on Monday!

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Just saw they added a water park on the website. The only thing I know is my dosed self needs to bomb some slides.