Help Locating Old Recordings

This is my once every several years request if anyone can help me get a hold of the recordings for 4/23/04, 10/25/04, or 5/4/05. I used to have all three shows, but lost them when I had a hard drive crash several years ago. These shows are among the disc logic era shows that never made the jump to UM Live.

So, if anyone happens to have them sitting on a hard drive somewhere it would be appreciated, or maybe someone can speak to if there is a date at which UM will gain back control over the 04/05 shows. I know after 10/22/04 being missing for a long time they finally added it, so I am hopeful that there is a chance to add more down the road.


@Southern_Dan do you have any of these shows?

I’m out of town for Thanksgiving but I’ll try to remember to check when I get back. Chances are slim I have these in particular, but I do have mp3s for some shows that never made it to umlive.

my collection is coming up empty on these and it made me realize how many west coast shows from that era i dont have

I don’t think so bu @Stupac probably has them…


Did you mean to post that in this thread lol?


So I don’t have any of these, but figured I should make a list of what I do have that doesn’t appear to be on umlive. I also noted the best format I have, though these aren’t my rips so there may or may not be any information on lineage. If anyone wants any shows in particular, let me know and I can upload them somewhere.

05/15/04 FLAC
05/18/04 256kbps MP3
09/14/04 VBR MP3
10/20/04 VBR MP3
10/27/04 FLAC
11/03/04 320kbps MP3
12/08/04 256kbps MP3
01/09/05 FLAC (appears to be an AUD but is not on the archive)
02/18/05 FLAC
03/20/05 FLAC
03/21/05 VBR MP3
03/22/05 VBR MP3
03/29/05 VBR MP3
04/01/05 VBR MP3
04/06/05 320kbps MP3
04/13/05 VBR MP3
05/11/05 320kbps MP3
06/03/05 VBR MP3
06/08/05 VBR MP3
07/08/05 VBR MP3
07/09/05 FLAC
08/21/05 VBR MP3
09/02/05 VBR MP3
10/02/05 VBR MP3
10/12/05 VBR MP3
11/15/05 VBR MP3
11/16/05 VBR MP3
12/08/05 VBR MP3
8/16/06 VBR MP3


So much ‘05 greatness there! I wonder if I’m missing any of those shows…

Must’ve been drunker than I thought…

Yeah man take your time and see if any shows in particular are of interest and just let me know

The night before 4/23/04 in San Fran raged.

I’ll check some old drives/discs at home later…

4/22/04 in San Francisco was indeed great. One of my favorite Push the Pigs.

I always held that the 4/23/04 Ocean Billy was the best I ever heard, but I haven’t listened to it in years since I lost the recording. I’m very curious to listen to it again. That show also has a great Phil’s and a 30 min DBK with John Staten drum sit in.

Hopefully you can find something, thanks for looking.

These are the '04 Disc Logic or UMLive SBD rips that I have that aren’t on Thanks to Rick I was able to add some Stews to my '04 Stew Mix. The search continues for more…

2004-09-29 Fort Collins CO (umlive)
2004-10-01 Boulder CO (umlive)
2004-10-02 Englewood CO (umlive)
2004-10-30 Portland OR (umlive)
2004-12-07 Troy NY (umlive)
2004-12-08 Philadelphia (umlive)
2004-12-10 New York NY (umlive)

New one on the archive. Just set 2 -

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Anyone have a copy of 10/04/2003 Georgia Theatre? I have OM Trio’s set but lost the umlive cd years ago…

I have 09/13/05 Set I - UMLive CD.

My 3rd show. Would love to find a copy. I’ve been asking for years if anyone has it.

Possibly. I know I’ve promised to look through some of my old stuff from back then but it is so unorganized. Will try to look soon…

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