Wait until the day of show and maybe you can pull a resale ticket for face or less.



VIP soundcheck?

That’s about how many people who did VIP when I did it a few years ago

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I still dont get how they sold almost 1000 tickets a week in advance for a Tuesday show in StL

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Yes i was making a funny

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They just reconfigured a few entire rows of seating because some dude who bought front row didn’t end up in the front row and was PISSED. Definitely a massive step up in production from the last tour

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Ugh so good


Probably one of the prog boomers that favorably reviewed cause for alarm

nah was probably my age. Saw him raging at the box office when we walked in

General show thoughts (contains setlist spoilers)

Had a great time. Loved seeing Crystalised and Visions, and Fauna was cool all the way through. Overall I think I preferred last year’s setlist in terms of overall variety, but I guess Cockroach King and 1985 are the closest tracks they have to “hits”.

Idk about other cities, but was definitely a big level up in terms of production from last time, and it made a big difference imo. Cool to see them really stretch out to 2 almost 90 min sets, when I’m used to most prog bands playing 80ish min. Band sounded good, though Ross was way pitchier than last time out.


Got ticket and hotel for Asheville. Apparently they’re gonna have seats put out at the orange peel.

I’ve decided I’m going to the Boulder show tomorrow. Guess I’ll see the same show twice in seven days but whatever. Haken rules.


Yeah, they had seats in this normally standing venue. Was a little weird. I assume it’s just a way to sell bigger rooms a little “better”

Well that was a long show. Definitely get your money’s worth.

Also I bought the Fauna Hawaiian shirt.


How much are those?

A lot

Yeah they’re stupid expensive. $150. Whatever. It’s a great concert and festival shirt.

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How’s the quality?