FS GHV3, Signed Zonkey/Similar Skin, 2015 Winter Foil Poster, Other Rarities

It was fun completing my Umph collection for a little while but now I’m ready to start downsizing. I also have a wedding coming up that I have to spend big bucks on, so all proceeds will go to that.

If there are already bids for the item on eBay then I will have to sell it through there. Otherwise you can make offers directly.

GHV3 - Greatest Hits Volume 3 - No misprint

Signed Zonkey CD

Cut the Cable Radio Promo CD

Winter 2015 Foil Poster

Signed and framed Similar Skin CD

Also have a brand new, sealed copy of Songs for Older Women, not yet listed on eBay.

My collection is pretty much complete so if there is anything else you’re interested in, please let me know.

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Ooh I need that to jam for my friends/family that aren’t hip to the scene.


@dylanrush Hey dude, congrats on the nuptials. Hope all is well. We connected on the old brot and I helped you procure that sfow back in the day. Wish I could justify the sticker price on that 15 baker foil. If you have trouble moving it, let me know if you’re entertaining lowballs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That Baker foil would likely go quick on the UM poster collectors fb page

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@KingCon what’s up brother. Everything is great in my world. I lowered the starting bid on eBay to $75. I have no idea how much it’s actually worth. If you want it for $100 I can do that.

Right on man happy to hear all is well. I’ll do 100 if you’re cool with that. Idk what it’s worth either haha

Sweet PMed