FoFree: Signed '22 Asheville Poster

my buddy is quite the pal and bought our whole gang VIP tickets for this past Asheville run. needless to say, the “wife” and I ended up with 2 posters and we definitely don’t need them both. Free to anybody who wants it, just pay shipping. or don’t pay shipping and just give me your address, I don’t make the rules.

extending first dibs to the awesome people I met throughout the weekend…
@WhoDatVols or your buddy Hunter, is that @BeerOnIce?


just ran out of TP so this will be a great substitute, i’ll take it!


dude you really gotta try out the VIP package.

Kevin has changed. They care about the fans now.



I didn’t buy one and will take it off your hands if no one’s claimed it yet. Happy to cover shipping.

Edit: Beaten by an @ass hair

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I feel like I just cheated.

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Don’t worry about it. I passed on buying it since I didn’t love it and already have enough prints I still need to hang


I’ll claim and pay shipping happily if there’s one still available

Edit: commented before SU&R, nice offer tho and appreciate the tag

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Sure, if its still available. If not, dope and hope someone enjoys it

It’s going up in my office. Going to splurge on some cheap black frames and put a bunch up.


That’s cool and all that @ass got it, but you didn’t meet the real mvps of the wkn


Hmmm, I definitely met Stasik’s friend from Charleston if that’s who you’re talking about. He requested Puppet Show.

Got it. Thanks @snuckaskitchen!


I figured you would appreciate it more if you started to question whether or not it was actually going to show up.

enjoy! sorry for the delay.