Favorite Daves/Dicks picks

Lemme have em!!

Volume 8 immediate comes to mind. So many good ones…

Volume 3 is my goto…

My all time favorite is Dave’s Picks Vol 1…my bday show in may 77

Dave’s or Dicks?

I’m assuming he means Dicks. Such a classic. That second set rips so hard. The Dancing > Morning Dew, Viola segment is fuego.

Edit: My parents used to play Dicks Picks records on road trips. My favs are 19, 24 (cow palace, wall of sound show) , and 32. Warm fuzzy feelings of home.

Also the Dicks Picks podcast on Spotify is really fucking cool. If you havent listened I highly recommend.

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both those dudes are incredible. steve and rob are great writers and knowledgeable dudes, excellent music follows for anyone on twitter.

I’ve had Dave’s 7 and 9 on repeat for a week or so. Will check out the rest that have been recommended. Thanks fam!

DP#2 is a perfect 60 mins

Dicks Picks Vol. 12 has always been a favorite of mine. The whole thing slays, but I’m a huge sucker for that 40 min WRS.

I listened to Dicks Picks 18 today, and this has to be one of the best ones I’ve heard. Not sure why it wasn’t on my radar before.


Haven’t listened to the Dead in a while but popped on 12 and this one smokes.

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I worked at a Ben and Jerry’s in high school and got a $20 tip from a Dead Head because I was playing Dicks Picks 10 in the shop.

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