Fall Tour 2023

Andy useful confirmed last night


Just wanted to post that I thought n1 Bozeman was fantastic. 2nd night was less so but man, n1 was really really good I thought.




Proud of my boy Rod! Was in intro to music theory I and II with him, look at him now slumming it with our least favorite 3rd tier jamband.


Why would a drummer need music theory

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To have a venue to make fun of the nerds?


I felt like some of the Asheville jams were kind of untzy, almost as if that was the Goose dude’s default improv beat.

Really? I’d have to relisten but only jam I remember that resembled “untz” was the Small Strides. Goose doesn’t play any Untz,

Yeah, nothing from the Ben runs really struck me as untzy


I haven’t relistened to the Asheville shows but more than once Ben Atkind went with a 4/4 straight dance beat with the high-hat on 2 and 4, almost like what Allen from tDB does frequently. Our opinions on untz my vary.

You guys are right my memory is bad, it was just briefly in Wappy. I Wanna Be Your Lover sound a bit dancey as well but YMMV

Can I just say I love how loose this tour has been? For so long we complained that UM was super formulaic and tight almost to a fault in how “charted out” everything is through a typical show, but the sub drummers have made them not rely on the usual crutches they would with Kris, and there’s way more spaciness and ambience in song transitions, which may be by necessity but it’s something I missed. We’re also getting a record number of deep cuts this tour.


This was actually a problem at some point over the past couple years. Instead of continuing a jam or a quick transition, it was just two minutes of this then > next song

I haven’t really listened to any of this tour besides the shitty MA show I went to so I’m not sure if this has changed or not

Yeah I have not heard a lot of true segues in the recent shows, and it’s something that’s been going on since before Kris had surgery

There were some pretty solid segues in the mike run iirc

I dunno, the shows I saw were pretty good segues between me arriving and me leaving


Thought the segue into Draconian was pretty sweet, but that FF was one of the more boring 10+ min jams in a while. Draco certainly a joty contender.

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Apparently in the minority on this one, whatevs. 2006 ain’t walking through that door.

Either way from what I’ve heard I’ve really enjoyed how loose they’ve been, because they kinda have to be.

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