Fall Tour 2023

Any rumors? General areas that are due for shows?

I’m guessing a Midwest run is in order, and dates will be announced after Scamp.


hawaii plz. my 10 year wedding anniversary could use a trip out that way

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I think you are giving them way too much credit here. They won’t announce fall dates for months.

You’re probably right, but I feel like they’ve been releasing dates a little earlier than normal. I wonder if they will announce more dates around the all in fest, or if that’s a one off show.

Really hoping for at least a 2 nighter at the riverside in Milwaukee this fall. I know that 2021 show didn’t sell well, hopefully they’re willing to give it a shot though.


I’m guessing 2 nights in StL at the Pageant.


They still haven’t made up the Tulsa show from Covid. Been almost 5 years since they’ve been in Oklahoma…


Heard a rumor about a certain city getting dates 11/30-12/2

Loose lips sink ships Per Per

What? You don’t wanna go to hawaii?

This definitely means Omaha NYE then.

Aloha bitches!

Would be nice, but after the turnout in 2021 I kinda doubt it would be multiple nights. Hope I am wrong though.

Would be cool to see them play the Big Top.

Just following the pattern from the past 10-ish years. Alternate 1 summer show with a fall 2-nighter.

But also, I hear you on attendance being lower these days. Even their last Halloween show at the Pageant was undersold.


Wow, lots of gems here.

Lewisburg, WV might be this festival? https://healingappalachia.org/

Southeast UMBowl finally paired up with Athens? Or just a multi-night Athens run? I’ll gladly take either!

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In for Athens obviously, really want to know what weekend UMBowl is.

Mishawaka is before Indy…wonder what the show before Huntsville is going to be in August?

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100%. Some of the crew has been involved in the fest for awhile. So crazy they’re coming.

Edit: Damn, have to be in Maine for a wedding that weekend.

Wondering if the Mish shows are still on before the Indy festival… Fingers crossed.

Gotta be ATL UMBowl x > Athens in one weekend?