David Bowie appreciation thread

We lost a great one 4 years ago today.


Jan 8, 1947 - Jan 10, 2016

So many great albums.

Scary Monsters has become my favorite over the years, but obviously some of the classics are simply timeless.

Space Oddity
Ziggy Stardust
Berlin Trilogy (Low, Heroes & Lodger)
Diamond Dogs
Aladdin Sane
Hunky Dory
Let’s Dance (Stevie Ray Vaughn FTW!!)

Our small neighborhood theater is showing Labyrinth tonight, and I’m fairly certain we are gonna hit up the later of the 2 showings. I haven’t seen that film in at least 20 years & never in a theater, so seems like a good idea to maybe get a little tuned up & go watch the weirdness that is Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.

Damn, it feels like yesterday. Time fucking flies. Every time I listen to Blackstar I’m still taken aback and blown away by how incredible that album is but even more so by how beautiful it was that it was released so shortly before his death. I get goosebumps still four years later by that line where he says he’s in heaven now.

RIP Bowie. Miss you.

Station to Station is my favorite. I love the “Thin White Duke” persona of the mid 1970’s. Dude was a chameleon.

Last saw him with the Arcade Fire in the early 2000’s.


Pretty bummed I never got a chance to see Bowie. One of my favorite things about him is how he continues to evolve his sound and worked with such a wide variety of musicians. Trent reznor, Adrian belew, Brian eno, Robert fripp, the list is just endless.

Blackstar is a masterpiece


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Yea, Bowie will forever be the one that got away in terms of seeing him live. Really should have hit one of those 2006 shows.

Yes this is my #2 probably . Young Americans is my favorite. I too love Thin white duke bowie

Not sure if I have a favorite but this is the one that hooked me.

Heard one of the songs from that album in the movie Home for the Holidays. Didn’t know the song but recognized Bowie’s voice. I looked it up and recognized the cover. I had the record on my shelf. Had inherited it. Threw it on and BLAMMO.

Not long after it was announced he had a new album coming out, The Next Day. I didn’t like it very much when it was first released. Has grown on me a lot of the years.

7 years later I’ve listened to pretty much all of his studio albums at least once. Some dozens of times.

I sometimes find myself actually missing Bowie. Pretty sure he’s the only famous person to die that i shed a couple of tears for.

Keeping Blackstar a secret and releasing it just before he died was a legendary move.


Yeah he died in a very Bowie way

Happy Birthday & RIP

Just threw on Scary Monsters…


I wish I woulda gotten into Bowie more. I really wish I was old enough/into music enough to see the NIN/Bowie your

I love me some bowie man he’s always resonated so much since high school.

I def suggest Ziggy Stardust for a first starting album. I don’t know if its in my top 3 bowie albums but for starman alone its worth the spin.

Young Americans, station to station, low, diamond dogs…all fuckin classics too.

Let’s dance has 3 straight bangers and some other less bangin stuff

Oh, im totally into him now, just didn’t delve into his whole discography until his like a year before he died.

@sociablehodor did you ever get around to checking out Low?

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@opsopcopolis have you ever listened to Young Americans? You know John Lennon sings background vocals on it (fame/across the universe), and helped with recording. Also Luther Vandross sang background vocals, and “Fascination” is a twist on his hit “Funky Music”

Phenomenal album, desert island contender for me for sure, depending on how many I was allowed


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The Original John Peel session 23rd of May 1972 is probably my all time favorite thing I’ve heard from Bowie. Check it out, if you haven’t! I couldn’t find on YouTube. But it is on the streaming services.

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