Couch Tour Thread

Two Summer Ter shows this weekend, fingers crossed for some streams. If we don’t get them this weekend, probably won’t get any until 8/15.

Who’s in for the NYE run? I’ll for sure be watching tonight and am probable for tomorrow, but not sure I’ll catch the final two nights with everything else that’s going on where I live.

Nice winter couch tour run. Hopefully tourgigs doesn’t make me regret this.

Good to hear, was worried we wouldn’t be getting one since the announcement was approaching last-minute status.

I’ve had really good luck with TG lately, here’s to hoping that continues.

How’s TourGags been lately? Anyone want to split tonight?

Think they shut down the sharing :frowning:

You can share a login.

I’d be down to split tonight! PM me fam.

Getting tourgigs’d af tonight.

Would be nice if they had Orchard Lounge do the buffers between setbreak on the streams. Would be more enjoyable than UM PR.

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Agree, I’m so sick of seeing UM during set break when drunk on my couch, I can never truly tell if it’s still set break or if the show is back on. Largely a personal problem, but damn - change it up so I know when to unmute (or even better, I won’t have to mute if I can listen to other artists during that break).

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Oh god, I agree 100%. If it’s going to be UM promotional stuff at the very least don’t play footage from live shows. I always switch to TV or other music during setbreak and it’s maddening trying to figure out when set 2 is starting.

Ok so how much hope do we have that TG will be able to put together a viable stream in the cave? When I saw STS9 there, I had absolutely no signal.

hahahaha great point.

I have no faith in TG.

The one time it’s underground…it’ll probably be flawless

It would be cool if they produced more content like the Anchor Drops series and premiered it exclusively on the live stream setbreaks.


Bought in tonight, it’s been years, but not quite as long as the last time I saw UM.

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I thought the stream looked great last night. Plus that 2nd set was killer, buddy of mine who was over really liked the bounceback jam in mitten.

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