Best setlist by each member

It’s been a while since I’ve made a thread to ask a UM question, and I’m pretty bored right now. I’ve gathered that Joel setlists are usually loved and BB setlists are… not loved so much. Has BB ever produced a great setlist or has a show that looks rough ever outperform the song choices?

Pony setlists usually kick ass, afaict

11/6/14 would like a word with you. Stasik wrote one of the worst set lists of all time that night. Still to this day easily one of the worst shows I’ve seen.


Bayliss = pop schlock and “wide appeal” songs that nobody likes
Pony = cock rock and disjointed sets that have bad flow
Joel = jam vehicles and deep cuts/rarities


But Stasik can do good sets. 7/15/22, 8/9/15 for example.

Sooooooooooooo bad

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Wade sets are usually solid.

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Idk if I’d say BB setlists aren’t well loved, you can just tell when a shitty set is a BB set. Most of the great UM shows are probably BB sets


Wasn’t there a Kalamazoo show with a pretty/heavy/pretty setlist that Stasik wrote?

Probably the worst UM show I’ve seen was on BB’s birthday and he most definitely wrote the setlist and there was all of 45 seconds of improv basically. Even the song selection was trash. Having said that I’m sure he wrote setlists for some of the best shows I’ve seen back in the day too.

Was that the white River lawn show? That set list sucked ass and only improv was in encore slot I believe.

No it was Burlington in …2016 maybe?, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were others.

Ya that show sucked. The 2012 BB birthday show was a bit better. But the Burlington (2015 maybe) waterfront show also sucked

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I missed that waterfront show, sounds like I didn’t miss much