All Things Electronic Music! (House, Techno, DnB)

Buddy my shirt is completely soaked through with sweat. I put in some work. Event ended at 8pm. Time to cleanup for some afters.


Stacy Abrams got on the mic to tell us to vote and stuff.


Do people still try to give each other non-consenting glowstick/light shows?

Uhhh not at this thing. No.

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Atlanta has some awesome local DJs.

Love this series. Always a treat.


I look forward to this set every year.

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Same here. Gonna cue it up for the drive home after work.

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debating on seeing malaa tonight. would love to just crash on my couch and watch college football but could go for some dirty house

digging through some new releases today and here are a couple of my favorites:

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Thought this should go here…

Might try to drag my sad ass out to hear this jabroni from London play disco edits around the corner from my house.

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This is kinda weak. Funny thing is I know where two other better parties are but I don’t feel like Lyfting around town when this is two blocks from home.