All Things Electronic Music! (House, Techno, DnB)

Was excited about this dropping because Stussy is one of my favorites but it’s okay for groovy, minimal tech. Pumpin’ slaps

Worked out to this mix the last two days. Some of the best hard-ish techno I’ve listened to recently. She’s on my radar now

Also this is an absolute banger from PAWSA that came out last week. CCing @StoneJackBaller because I think he’ll dig the Nate Dogg grooves

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I smoked so many blunts the day Nate Dogg died


49min mark is fucking BANGING. Loving this

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They’re pretty much all fire. And new mixes drop like every other week.

On another note, I think im gonna go check out Marn’s DJ set tonight.

And fucking stoked for AK1200 tomorrow night. AvL techno scene is popping rn


Ak1200 is straight breakbeat/jungle unless he rebranded like a lot in the business have. Guy has still been around forever so it’ll be decent no matter what he throws down.

Yeah i think its DnB night. Theres a few other djs too

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Fuck yah.

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Don’t forget about this fun one.

This is a new track, I think it’s sick

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Been enjoying this. Dark and moody. Reminds me of John Carpenter if he was a DJ:

Can’t recommend this mix/album enough for working or just chill background music


This rules. Ultimate #vibes

Any reason to catch a Com Truise DJ set this Friday? I am 90% set on staying home and resting for the Vols this weekend but thought I’d throw it out there just in case

Say home and go twice as hard at the Vols.

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Case closed! Thank you sir

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