2024/04/27 - House of Rules - Boston, MA • UMBowl X

Set I (Improvisation to fan-selected film segments): Movie History, Nosferatu, Mad Max: Fury Road > Pulp Fiction, The Blues Brothers> Interstellar > Pan’s Labyrinth, Caddyshack > Kill Bill

Set II ([All New] 1 new fan-curated raw stew, 1 new mashup, 1 new cover. 1 new OG): Sultans of Swing [1] > Conessions [2], Work Sauce, House of Better Glass [3]

Set III (COYA - live in-person fan voted set): 1348 [4] → Glory > Bad Friday [5] → Night Nurse > Making Flippy Floppy, Plunger

E: Puff The Magic Smash [6], Top Gun > 1348

[1] - debut; Dire Straits
[2] - Raw Stewage song: 2014-01-18 1348; 2007-09-14 Nemo; 2023-01-14 The Silent Type
[3] - Jump Around (House of Pain) + Heart of Glass (Blondie) + The Less I Know The Better (Tame Imala) mash-up
[4] - Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Michael Jackson); Simple Gifts (Elder Joseph Brackett) teases
[5] - Around The Horn teases
[6] - Puff The Magic Dragon tease with Stasik destroying BB’s acoustic

COYA: 1348 or Escape Goat; Glory, Kula or Kimble >; Miami Virtue or Bad Friday; Day Nurse or Night Nurse; Making Flippy Floppy or Girlfriend Is Better; Educated Guess, Plunger or Maybe Someday

Show Notes

Set I:
MH: Epic, dancey
N: Uplifting ambience > spooky edrum action with Jake chugs, Sludge&Death teases > good Jake/BB lock-in, BB with some nice textures> tempo swell > back down > spooky reggae> dissonance/resolve > chuggachugga dance dance
MM: driving chugs to build a peak, Jake trying to restrain himself > double-time peak, bounceback to industrial rock riff, shreddy very minor swell > sludge metal build > peak > swell down
Surfin’ on a wave of major chords, tasteful edrum > dance jam built on the surfer/pipeline/Chantays structure > breakdown, pause,
TBB: right back into the sweet uplifting surfer vibes, some light Seagull guitar from BB > rockabilly riff ala the old Utopian Fir Wildcard spot > good olfashioned blues tease > BB/Jake locking into a beautiful textured build, double time! > Joel swelling in with the Remind Me coda effect on the keys, Jake adding sirens on the guitar > another peak! > cooldown
PL: Ambience/spacephreys McGee, Tool energy/spoooky > big tempo build > sweeping chord to clear the slate >
I: Spacey, alien sounds, it sounds like we’re disovering new galaxies, satellite communications pickin from Jaco, Joel chiming in with the synth, edrum → sloooow build > like a half-time peak > cooldown > fade
CS: Ohh who wants the funk, gotta have that funk!, Jake catcall > half time, turn down the lights -like we’re setting the mood > oh so purdy, reminisce of Glory > turn a hard corner to a 1348 intro type chord shift >
Jaws > big build > peak > swelldown - put some ice on it > swell back to Jaws theme>
KB: Snare crack > Uplifting/ major shift, loving this Jake/BB interplay, locked in > big build > peak > ambient swell-down
Spooky surfer energy, (callback to earlier in the set?) > beautiful major chord end

Set II: Swingin: nice, patient build, BB throwing in some gorgeous color, BB/Jaco interplay is stellar here, Stasik has a great Ponyline > B section: textured funky feel, Jake playing some nice 7th chords overtop > cooldown >
Concessions: Jake playing somethin purdy (not as purdy as you tho)
Jake building something well, bar chord build, new song, with EG energy > reggae bridge/chorus> back to verse > tappin breakdown > back to chorus > build > uplifting feel, dance time - soaring Jake
Work Sauce: cool type 1 jam, building a b section now so it seems, dissonant type section > verse
HoBG: well done mash of themes of JA&HoG, Tame Impala is the bridge > main verse mashup of Jump Around/HoG return

Set III:
1348: bouncy Ponyline and lovely Joel clav action, great funk, BB throwin down some lovely high texture chords, WBSS teases > great band layering in the funk groove
Glory: ye ol’ classic is getting the funk treatment > breakdown to Jake/BB/Kris > building a ethereal funk structure
BF: dance dance dance, little start/stop jam > building over this nice dance segment > Around The Horn teases > funk dissolves into a bliss theme
NN: frenetic dance riff > uplifting what I hope is a B section > BouncebackBounceback! > big bliss peak
MFF: lovely Joel synth action > big build > full band peak, Joel Jake & BB leading the pack > V3
Jake leading this jam, strutting jam, love the chicken picken from Jake and BB playing those beautiful funky arppegios > BB/Jake breakdown > pause so the inepreter can say “cock, balls” > 2, 3, 4 pop
Plunger: Middle Joel build, major sounding, BB layering some nice rhythm riffs, Jake soaring overtop, chuggachugga > keep building major section > peak > cooling down

TG: uplifting, like your watching the movie credits fade, nice edrum from Kris, Jaco taps/shreds, nice interlocking melody from BB/Jaco


Hell yeah brother thanks for doing it tn

Gonna cook some dinner and chill for set one then get a little squirrelly for set 2/3


Thanks @UnCommon_5 and @Zencer for your service this weekend.

Is this just gonna be a montage?




This spooky shit is right in my wheelhouse

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This is really cool on the couch, probably even more awesome at the show. Still pissed I missed the Biscuits Tron show.


They’ve brought the spooky a few times this run and it’s been fire.

I’m just here for set 2…


If Nugs could just either focus on the screen or the band that’d be sweet. The half and half fade ain’t it


Mad Max should be cool


This is quite good

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for real

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Dig BB’s weird staccato riff in the a section


I think a set like this would be real cool, but I’d definitely want to be sitting


My expectations have been surpassed pretty quickly

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This is fucking nice, love what they’re building here


This is sweet so far

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Dumb question probably, but this is most likely precomposed jams right?

Nothing wrong with it

Just tuned in. This is pretty awesome.


Saw Jake throwing signs so probably half and half