2024/04/26 HOB Boston, MA | UMBowl X

Set I (Band’s Choice):

Staircase > 40’s Theme, Bridgeless > The Triple Wide > Bridgeless

Set 2 (Stew Art):

Drum and brace yourself > Party on a Beach in Morocco > Sludge and Dub > Jake Conducts > Medeski, Martin & Umphrey’s > Follow the Ben - Lights Dictate the Jams > Just learned how to play last week > Chicago subway at midnight > 1 String Only > Everyone on keys > Now the drums > Play your favorite song > Daring Escape

Set 3 (All Covers):

Roundabout, Kid Charlemagne > Plush, Cult of Personality, Hunger Strike > No More Tears, Big Poppa

Encore: Tom Sawyer

One of the best 3x I’ve heard in some time…


May be a show or two better this year, but that could be the S(et)OTY. Just consistent good stuff throughout.

Thanks for taking the reigns tonight, bud. I considered it but felt someone else should take it

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This has easily been the best week of shows this year.


Gee thanks


Fun as fuck


Did you take some first timers ?

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That Bridgeless>Triple Wide was so good.


2, they’re impressed. Also their first foray into jam scene

One of the better 3x’s as of late

@Gregaforce7 thats awesome, I’m trying to bring a bunch of first timers to Summerfest

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Hoping cover set is fun. S2 doesn’t translate well to video or listening back audio. Kind of have to be there, and after one time, it’s really meh.

Side note - can I sue Nugs if they blow my speakers with this bullshit?!?

Yeah totally agree, should be fun though

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My bad, man, I mean that in a good way, I appreciate your setlist keeping. I gotta shutup and watch my tone. I’ll take a timeout

What a great set that was. Really enjoyed that Bridgeless 3x sandwich!


Funny that that was a band picks set. Sure wish the band would pick every night.

I was messing with ya man don’t say my bad :joy:

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A little frustrating we’re seeing this high level of setlist structuring and improvisation with just a minimal number of shows remaining/festival season upcoming and the big tour for the year mostly behind us, but hopefully they can keep the momentum even with stop/start shows the rest of the year.