2024/03/24 - The Observatory - San Diego, CA

Set 1: (8:11)
Dump City, Loose Ends, Nothing Too Fancy → Mail Package, Cut the Cable, Partyin’ Peeps, Intentions Clear > Nothing Too Fancy (9:21 set end)

Set 2: (9:48)
Attachments > The Fussy Dutchman, Bad Poker, Fenced In > Hurt Bird Bath, Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Encore: (11:00)
All In Time (show end 11:15)

Transitions from ATU with some corrections from me

Original Notes

Set 1: 8:11 dump (8:15 jam, good jam, bad transition out) ,

8:21: loose ends

8:27: ntf (8:37ish jam start, not too special)

8:44: mail package (basically no type 2)

8:53: cut the cable, (8:55 jam, 8:58 jam

9:01: party peeps

9:07: intentions (9:12 jam start, pretty good

9:20: end ntf

9:21 end set 1

9:48: famtachments (jam 9:54, this has legs

10:03: fussy

10:11: bad poker,

10:16: fenced in (jam 10:20, A tier)

10:33: HBB (10:35 jam)

10:49: A Ha cover (end 10:57)

Encore: all in time (11:00) (jam 11:03, half decent) end 11:15

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Honestly until the intentions S1 might be the worst UM set I’ve ever heard

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I thought IC was one of the few jams that felt disjointed and forced this whole tour. Different strokes. I thought N2F was serious jott tour material. Dub into descending motif into dub bounceback. I loved that shit

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Updated with S2 and shit might be wildly off

Oh I tore my setlist

And got another mini

It’s N2F… but I love the setlist details. This is how it should be done. More random notes the better. I wanted attachments in SF. HBB in good placement.

What is Groove? Groove Holmes?

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All in time encore. No billy. Repeated baseline from stasik in set 2 somewhere. Fenced in I think. Which was indeed huge

Yes. Might be groove holmes. Definitely a repeated stew in there

Notes are all over the place, sorry y’all I’ll correct later. Made friends, kept drinking, shit happens

Thank god no Gulf Stream, thanks Joel for playing my Fussy request, and lol at how tiny these mini setlists are

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My typically fluffer heavy opinion is that LA and
SD were skippable. Would be interested in hearing different.

My way to soon recap of Eugene through is that this band is playing better now than they have in a decade.

Tahoe, PDX2 and Eugene shine supreme

These shows were all really fun, with some creative and inspired jamming sprinkled in: Seattle, Boise, SF. LA, SD

I am would rank these off the top of my LSD tinged. Sleep deprived mind as: SD. SF, Seattle, Boise, LA

Only one dud to me: PDX2 which still has a huge Pure Saturation

This tour will be emembered as one of the best little tours of this band’s career (if only by me). Up there with 2008 Fall WC ter. The fluff is real.

A Fancy and a Bath, and neither were stand-alones? Egregious.

SD was a fun show, glad I made the trip

It all makes sense now



Gravy’s good tonight


Did it take you that long, bud? I wooked it up from Oregon to Tahoe to SD to see a drug band. There can only be one @opsopcopolis

And if you think I am editing my fat.thumb phone texts more than 3x while high on L in a motel in SD, just for your @Random_Ass, you’re right. But I still fucked it up

Glad you had fun, Mike.

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