2024/03/15 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR

Set 1: Out of Focus, Speak Up, Hiccup, Seasons, Mulche’s Odyssey, Maybe Someday

Set 2: Higgins, 2nd Self, The Triple Wide, I Don’t Know What I Want, Mullet (Over), Pure Saturation > Hangover

Encore: Come As Your Kids


Missed whole first half of the set thanks to the line outside, but got in for free. Burn this entire fucking venue to the ground.

  • Third stone from the sun-esque peak in szns
  • typical dub jam in Mulche’s
  • short sweet peak right now in Maybe Someday
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Surprised I got in at the end of the 3rd song, suggests either a late start or some lengthy improv

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Floor reports are that this was the weakest of the 3 sets. Szns jam the highlight.

They’re really playin the oldies tonight…………………………………


They’re playing well, but the ‘prov ain’t there yet tonight.

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It’s just funny to me that this is what UMs fart out for a set while the Biscuits have been on it in 2024.

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Up there for one of the most unremarkable sets I’ve seen. At least it met my expectations

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Paid my power bill at set break. Tonight is sexy.


Maybe they’ll come out swinging with a huge Escape Goat > JaJunk for the 2nd set. Sometimes they’re a 2nd set band

Pure Saturation > Hangover w/ booty wax was fun. Then got Zonkey’d

I love this shit so much. Everyone hates on Hangover. Such a fun song


They played over half of the AFAF songs. Good potential in that 2nd set though

Crystal ballroom is one of the worst venues I’ve been too. Let me guess they still have the divider to split up 21 and older and under 21?


Looks they cut it’s not your fault from the 1st also. Thats a bit excessive

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They just don’t play well in the PacNW

That is one of the ugliest setlists I’ve seen in a while.


2nd set was fun, but drugs are tite too.

Nice peak in Higgins, spacey jam in IDKWIW or Pure Saturation (I can’t remember which, see above). Had a great time during the 2nd set, but back on the fence for Seattle after this show.

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Actually no divider this time.

Thanks to @swb0nd for grabbing the deets on this, but apparently the box office was backed up printing everyone’s 2 night tickets on-demand and the machine was being slow, so the line was backed up and not moving at all. Waited 40 minutes while moving 5 feet before someone walking by gifted me a ticket.