2024/02/15 - 930 Club - Washington, DC

SetI: Drink My Drank > Push The Pig, White Man’s Moccasin’s, Always October > Educated Guess, In The Kitchen > Ocean Billy > Den

Set II: Cut The Cable, Attachments > Wife Soup, Wappy Sprayberry > Looks, Draconian

E: Slacker


The Bayliss special


T’was fun tho! Good 6 song 2nd set, too. OB. Looks, Attachments and Wappy were all good. Seemed like they were listening to each other. Thats a great room. Glad to meet ya @sauce07 & always great to meetup with you @solvethebox


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15 min Floor :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

Nugs has the tracks up wrong that’s Billy nevermind

Billy covered Nirvana’s second studio album? Can’t wait to listen.


ITK and OB weren’t too shabby.

Looks starts out chugging with Joel doing some cool shit. It evolves into something somewhat interesting

I’d be so disappointed if I was there and they came out and opened S2 with CTC


The situation is stable bro


Anytime I see CTC, the eternal optimist in me hopes that it’s the OG version.


I am in the minority but the slow version blows. It sucks man, but nobody wants to admit it.


I attended 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2023 UM RRX runs and the CTC from 2015 was up there with my best UM moments on the Rocks. I think it was in the second Ringo jam slot?



Saw B1/2 > Sweetness > Og Cable > B1/2 in CLT in 2016. So good.

Fucking love that tune

Yup. Set 2 opener that went into SOYCD. Not a bad way to spend 45 minutes.

No problem with CTC here, fun song and it being in the opening slot of a set doesn’t interrupt anything. I thought last night was fun, nothing mind blowing but a good reminder of what this band can be. I thought WMM was a tad sloppy and I don’t know what happened in the Wappy jam, but it felt off before quickly being taken behind the shed. I love getting Ocean Billy and Wife Soup, the build ups are always great. I think Kitchen was left unfinished, kept expecting it to pop back up.

This was my first itme seeing Ben on lights, definitely a different vibe than Waful. Did he put up the lights around the outside of the floor and walls or is that something 930 installed permanently?


I think those are 9:30 lights.

Yeah, it was a fun show, I’m looking forward to listening to the 2nd set again. End of Kitchen was cut after Den and Eminence Front was cut from the end of the 2nd set.

Always October is a horrible song and I got two in a row (Richmond) and they played it at 9:30 last year. Come on guys, spread the shit songs around the country a little more. I blame @ROCTOPUSS

@WentzyMcGee good thing you weren’t there because Wife Soup would have ruined your night.


Not complaining about Eminence Front, that song gets too repetitive for my taste, goes nowhere.


Ha! You know me too well. But that second set does look real solid! I don’t mind it as much mid-set. I think it’s an absolute buzzkill show or set opener.

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