2024-01-21 - Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY

Set I:

Nipple Trix > Phil’s Farm, Example 1 > Little Gift > Upward, Hiccup > Kimble> I Don’t Know What I Want

Set II:

Wappy Sprayberry > Crucial Taunt, Fenced In, Small Strides, August, The Best+, Hangover > Kula


Triple Wide

+with Kanika Moore, first time played (Tina Turner)

Love me some Example 1


Enjoyed that Hiccup

That’s an interesting looking set. Lotta songs you don’t typically see grouped together so that makes me think this is a Stasik setlist

Phil’s, Ex 1 is a cool looking start. Improv probably in Phil’s, Ex 1, Little Gift & hopefully in Hiccup & IDKWIW

Nice to see Kimble pop up

Rough looking on paper


Phil’s came out of the gate with a composed jam, was a fine start.

Hiccup was the highlight.

IDKWIW was an absolute train wreck to start, Jake was not on the same page, but the transition back into the end peaked well.

About on par for this weekend, nothing to write home about.




Arent they supposed to be good in the beginning of the year?

In the building tonight. First show was 3/1/08 — born and raised Minnesotan but my wife’s from the tri-state area so I live a 25 min walk from the Bowl now. Saw a Wappy at my first show (a great one too tbh) and it’s very fun to me to hear one again today 15 years after my first show. I have a 9 month old so I don’t make it out often anymore (got the green light because mom got to go out with her sister last night). Just special stuff. Upper midwestern excellence, baby



Looks like another bad BK bowl show


They will never top that show where they had the huge Pooh Doggie bust-out!!!


As a midwesterner, this is not my first Kula. Posers.


This show looks so horrible. 2nd set Crucial Taint, Fenced In, Small Strides stretch is just brutal.

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Everything about that second set looks horrible. At least first has Phil’s, ex1, Kimble

August is one of my favs.

Either Señor Mouse or Spires was supposed to end s2 but got cut. That sucks.

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It was an ok ending to an underwhelming weekend. There’s always a nostalgia element going back to Brooklyn Bowl, and I spent the second set just a few rows back from the front, so for whatever reason, that seemed to make things better.

Wappy was pretty good, the August (if I’m not confusing things) had a bit of a unique jam with Jake, 3X was standard but ok (Kris did a fun little Poison fill that the band liked, the bassline for the jam reminded me of Without Me), first time seeing Kula (my most common unseen original), The Best with Kamika was surprisingly fun.


Agreed - a lot of fun of course but I was hoping for more. I was happy to hear Example 1 and thought the first half or so of August was interesting. Also need to give Small Strides another listen: I’m ambivalent about the song but was really digging what they did with it.

I rather have seen final word pop up again over Upward.

wooooooof that stings even just reading it.