2024/01/18 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ

Set I:

Conduit, Partyin’ Peeps, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Turn & Run > (questionable) All In Time, New Wings > Robot World> All In Time

Set II:

Miss Tinkles Overture, In The Kitchen > Hindsight, It Doesn’t Matter > In The Kitchen, Resolution > 2X2




Tribute baby awww yeah!


Incredible looking set list soiled by New Wings, but gd I’m pumped to listen to this one tomorrow.

I’d rather hear that one over Partyin Peeps or Turn & Run…

🫨🫨🫨 I’m officially shook

But I respect your opinion

I’d definitely rather hear it more than Peeps…I like the studio version of New Wings a bunch but it hasn’t translated too well in a live setting.


I’ve seen 2 of 13 New Wings.

I’ve seen 32 Partyin’ Peeps and 14 Turn & Runs and 8 Turn & Dubs so I’d much rather catch something different these days.


Tinkles to open the second set? Better be jammed. When was the last great second set opening jam? 2022 was full of them with my favorites being the Plunger from Dillon and the Bridgeless from Bonner.

Conduit and peeps opening would be pretty meh to me, and I’m a relative peeps defender

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DBK last Friday


LOL I listened to that at the shop today. Probably my 4th or 5th spin already. SHRN.


Those bounce backs are :ok_hand:t2: Thats my JOTY until further notice. With Crooked One in 2nd

Edit: Flipping them, CO #1 and DBK #2

Liked a lot of this show. AiT/RW was the highlight for me. Could have skipped the New Wings placement but had a good time overall

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As good as the song choices were for set I, none of the improv really stood out to me. Thought the jams in set II were much better.

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Show is up on nugs now

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Love turn and run, especially non dub version

It’s a solid song. I don’t really have Umphrey’s piss break songs. I’ll let them piss in my ears occasionally to be honest. How can one not love this music video though?

No jams really stood out to me as incredible, let me know if I missed anything major

Yeah this show looks good on paper, but is certainly a dud.

I just listened, nothing special improv-wise really…