2023/12/01 Georgia Theater, Athens GA

Set I:

Wife Soup, Domino Theory, Got Your Milk (Right Here), Nemo>We’re Going to War>Resolution>Nemo>In the Kitchen

Set II:

1348, Staircase>Day Nurse>1348, Life*>Glory*, The Triple Wide, Sister Christian


Den**, Fame

*w/Brock Butler (Perpetual Groove)
**I Was Made for Loving You teases (Kiss)

We’re Going to War is an awesome bustout.


Sister Christian was a much bigger bust out. Tonight was only the 5th time played and first since 2005-11-18 NYC which was 1745 shows ago.


Yea, i just like the song alot.

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Me too, was happy to see it!

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Wow. Totally listened to that aud on Archive. Irving Plaza, IIRC.

That Sister Christian should have been played at UMBowl 2021 :sob::sob::sob:

Saw we’re going to war my first show back in 2002. Haven’t seen it since. Would have been awesome.

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I like the ITK a lot here. Not the longest but gets to where it needs to

More of this kind of thing please.

What is “Life”?

PGroove song.

This Reso is pretty great, but then again more often than not a Reso is pretty great.

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An existential question

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This 1348 is hot hot hot