2023/09/17 - The Elm - Bozeman, MT

The Fuzz → 2x2, Hiccup → 3x, Loose Ends, It Doesn’t Matter, Black Water

N2F → Domino Theory, Bridgeless → Speak Up → Gulf Stream > Dance Hall Days > Bridgeless

Down Under → N2F


I thought the first set, despite ever so slightly better song selection than Saturday, was the least interesting of the weekend. Second set was pretty solid though. Great jams in fancy, domino, and brisgeless. Speak up was essentially standard with a long organ solo

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Interesting dog selection. Surprised Mike got down with the heavier stuff like Bridgeless & Domino Theory, thats cool to see. Excited o listen to how he inteprets 3x, seems right in his wheelhouse. 6 song 2nd set, so close!
That encore is awesome

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How are we not talking about the guitar Jake was playing in Dance Hall Days (and I think Bridgeless) being a new handmade absolute fucking masterpiece and gorgeous specimen made by Elizabeth Guitar Co out of Manhattan, Montana?


We are




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Some thoughts from the show:

  • The Fuzz - always a treat

  • 2x2: pretty standard but I recall thinking it was one of the more beautiful renditions of the composed sections Ive heard in a long time.

  • It Doesn’t Matter:
    Dom: what song is this?
    Me: It Doesn’t Matter.
    Dom: sounds like it doesn’t…
    They did first half regular tempo and then second half turbo. Great rock jam at the end. Not quite the metal I wanted but whatever

  • Fancy had a reggae tease I couldn’t identify

  • Domino Theory: haven’t relistened but in the moment wondered if it was the jam of the weekend. Patient build and magnificently peaked with gorgeous licks and textures. Everyone was contributing. Had the magic of yesteryear

  • Bridgeless: what the fuck with the repeat so soon but it has a nasty jam

  • standard Speak Up but did have a great Jake rock solo

  • Fuck Gulf Stream

Liz’s guitar was fuckin badass and it was special to see Jake shred it


This domino theory slaps

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I definitely wasn’t expecting THIS week of shows to be the best Kris-less week but it is and it’s not particularly close. I could listen to patient jams like this Domino or Bridgeless all day.


Why not? Greenfield was the most exciting announcement of guest drummers from my perspective and he delivered as expected. Do you not listen to much Lotus?