2023/09/16 - The Elm - Bozeman, MT

(8:10) Resolution → Blecho, Cut the Cable, Piranhas → The Floor, Whistle Kids → Driven To Tears → Partyin Peeps (9:22)

(9:53) Wappy > Pure Saturation (I guess?), Rock the Casbah > drums, Den, Haji, Bad Friday, The Song Remains the Same

Remind Me

Reso > blecho with Jake on drums
Reso w/Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (AC/DC) jam

Pure Saturation w/ it’s about that time jam

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Pure Saturation

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Vehicle of the year?

Might just be. Been taking it for a lotta rides as of late

Worst setlist ever?



Second set looks weird as hell

Very strange show. Shitty/disjointed setlist construction, yet contained more than a few good jams (albeit all on the shorter side)

My thoughts:

  • the elm fucking rules as far as venues go

  • Reso had a couple cool jams. Also has a Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (AC/DC) jam in the segue to Blue Echo, which was a treat in its own right. Might lead one to think we were in for an old school setlist. WRONG.

  • I’m neutral at best on Piranhas (a word I admittedly couldn’t spell until I went to make my setlist notes) - all that said, I enjoyed the jam

  • whistle kids blows (controversial take, I know) and the jam has a distinct song tease that I couldn’t place.

  • Pure Satch: one of the better jams of the night and had a very rockin’ It’s About That Time jam. Fucking love it’s about that time jams

  • Floor, Peeps, Wappy, & the covers: all fine tunes and were standard

  • den > haji > bad Friday was a big miss. And to think that these were to be followed by GULF STREAM, which they mercifully cut.

  • Remind Me crushed, as usual, and the jam was rly good imo. Sorry they did you dirty on this one, @Pookells - if it’s any consolation, your show in Missoula was 10x better overall than tonight


Outside of Bad Friday and Remind Me, it does look like a strange show. Not too bummed about missing this one.

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Probably the worst setlist they’ve written all year. My god does that look bad

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Appropriate segue


Honestly didn’t think the show was as bad as the setlist makes it look. Reso and Pure Saturation the easy highlights. Lots of tease jams though, which is kinda a bummer


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Pure Saturation :fire:

Pure Saturation and 2nd Reso Jam were really good! Piranhas w/jam was a cool rarity

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