2023/09/15 - The Wilma Theater - Missoula, MT

Set 1: Bathing Digits > Sociable Jimmy*, Atmosfarag^, All In Time > Slacker, Half Delayed, Escape Goat > Eminence Front

Set 2: In The Kitchen > Controversy > In The Kitchen, Night Nurse, Attachments > Cherub Rock > All In Time

Encore: Small Strides

*Jake on drums
^ Farag on drums

Mike Greenfield (Lotus) on drums from S1 AIT through rest of the show


  • AIT, Slacker and Escape Goat all had excellent jams.
  • Eminence Front had a long-ass intro as they segued out of Escape Goat. Couldn’t tell what they were going to play until about 2 minutes into the intro since it was going all over the place.
  • ITK had a jam similar to 2/7/08’s Soul Food I
  • Attachments seemed to be ripcorded but then this drum and bass jam started, Bayliss joined in and the rest of the band followed as it evolved into this heavy rocking jam.
  • ITK > Controversy > ITK + Night Nurse + Attachments took up about an hour of the 2nd set.
  • Here’s my bias creeping in, but 2nd set was the best set I’ve seen in person.

AIT jam is laid back spacy


I wanna get back out to Montana for shows. I had a blast when I saw them out in Missoula, city is very tight.


This AIT has some legs!


I’m so glad to see @Pookells having such a great time!!!


@matt just showed me the setlist and Remind Me was cut….fuck!


First - I truly believe umphreys brings a special kinda heat to Montana. And I think a big part of it is the crowd energy. Weekend, weekday, whatever - Missoula (and MT in general) throws down for umphreys and they respond to it

Thoughts on tonight:

  • Atmosfarag was a treat. love the juxtaposition of the spaciness and the heavy vibes.

  • AIT jam was nice

  • slacker jam was easily s1 highlight. patient and interesting. Bayliss solo at end crushed,

  • Eminence Front was cool and well executed

  • as one might expect, Controversy had a very nasty funk dance jam. Really fun

  • attachments jam was easily the s2 highlight. Top shelf with a lot of diff vibes going on throughout

  • Small Strides: rock forward jam that was quite good, albeit somewhat straightforward

  • fwiw, the “wife” (3rd show) said the kitchen > controversy > kitchen was the best umphreys she’s ever seen :yum:

Bottom line: great show / great venue / great crowd.

And a definite highlight was meeting and watching most of the show with @Pookells - I look forward to more shows down the road, my friend.



Dang a Controversy sammie and Cherub Rock in the same set? That’s right up my alley


No mention of night nurse in the notes… I’ll always love night nurse but it’s been gettin some stale ass yams for a while now.

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It had a pretty good building jam, iirc. But def not in same category as the couple standouts mentioned

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Agree with @matt….Night Nurse was really good but not a S2 highlight if that makes sense

Notice no stevie wonder cover bc that would blow


Good report @Pookells

Very very curious about this 2/7/08-esque jam. Getting me fired up

This Attachments is pretty unique stylistically for UM. Very off the cuff feeling


I think non-Meyers drummers are forcing them into more of that off the cuff style. It’s refreshing


Bahaha nice callback


Im insufferable

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Great point


Prove it

This show smokes!

After listening to a little more, this has to be in SOTY consideration. Def (No Kris)SOTY contender. Goat and Slacker real good in first set. All in Time no slouch. Set 2 great start to finish