2023/09/09 - The Mishawaka Amphitheatre - Bellvue, CO

2023/09/09- The Mishawaka Amphitheatre - Bellvue, CO

Set I: Wife Soup ¹ , Utopian Fir ¹ > Mulche’s Odyssey ¹, Push the Pig ² > No Diablo ², Miami Virtue ² > Final Word ²

Set II: Wappy Sprayberry ² > Seasons², 2x2 ² > Speak Up ² > Don’t You Forget About Me ², In The Kitchen ² → Regulate ³ > In The Kitchen ²

E: Puppet String ²

[1] - w/Tanner Bardin on drums
[2] - w/Jeremy Salken on Drums
[3] - w/Jeremy Salken on Drums & Andy Farag on vocals; LTP: 9/18/2021 (154 shows)

Entire show without Kris

Looks(jo) like Great American was cut along with Glory being cut & audibled to Final Word to close out S1. BLBC was cut in S2; Comma Later was listed as an extra



Virtue had a nice jam. 2x2 sing along was awesome. Don’t you forget about me with Bayliss bro out gave me the feels. Awesome weekend!

Felt obligated to stop here for breakfast.


I’m a sucker for the Bayliss speeches these days.

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Definitely underestimated Jeremy going into this show. After 2 nights of Ben trying to play above his ability level and flubbing all over the place, it was nice to just have somebody hold it down. He didn’t have all the fills and style of Kris but was able to at least keep tempo and keep things moving, even in the technical sections. Thought Tanner was maybe the best on the kit all weekend though. Curious if I still feel that way listening back.


This 2X2 jam is better than I remember…




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That Eminem jam/tease → no Diablo was pretty tite