2023/09/08 - The Mishawaka Amphitheatre - Bellvue, CO

2023/09/08 - The Mishawaka Amphitheatre - Bellvue, CO

Set 1: Pork Chop PIe[1], Slacker[1], Attachments > Small Strides, #5, The Triple Wide, I Want A New Drug[2]

Set 2: Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Staircase > Padgett’s Profile, All In Time > It Doesn’t Matter[2], Escape Goat

Encore: Plunger > All In Time

[1] Jake Cinninger on drums (rest of show with Ben Atkind on drums)
[2] Nick Gerlach on sax



God damn looks fun. Pork chop pie is a funny way to start.


802 show gap!

Tbh, I had to look up wtf this song even was

Pork Chop Piiiiiie. Awesome bustout!

I wonder if @sociablechappy was in attendance. He was always wanting to catch that one super bad back in the day. I miss seeing that guy around.


Looks fun. I heard Pork Chop Pie at my third show back on 05.

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#5 and tinkles were my highlights last night. God I love this venue.


Shoutout to dale. That dude was very cool and was one of the many vets who mentored me into the scene in 06

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17 min Plunger in the encore damn. Love seeing these tracks times lately


Always heard Kris didn’t like Pork Chop Pie so I guess it makes sense they’d play it now


Yeah, he and I had a Genesis geek connection early on & he even hooked me up w/some old bootlegs from the early 70s way back when things like that were harder to source. Good guy for sure. I wish I had joined the bort before ‘06, because it would’ve been cool to meet him when I was out there for the GAMH run in ‘05. Didn’t meet him in person until S’camp ‘08.


Can you blame him?

Plunger smokes

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Dude this venue is gorgeous

This Padgett’s is kind of a mess. My eyebrows raised when I saw it on the setlist and complex songs are definitely one of the biggest hits we take losing Kris. Don’t expect to see Mantis until he comes back.

This show is good but not as good as Thursday night. Lots of good patient jamming in Attachments, Tinkles, and Staircase though, and Plunger is the best encore jam in awhile.

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yeah agreed on all counts. I thought the improv was pretty good on this night, maybe the best of the run. and yes padgetts was fun to hear, but it was pretty sloppy.

favorite set of the weekend is prob thurs set 2

Digging the sax on IDM