2023/08/27 - The Signal - Chattanooga, TN

08/27/2023 - The Signal - Chattanooga, TN

Set I: Nipple Trix > The Haunt^ > Blue Echo^, Cemetery Walk$, Full Frontal$[1] > Hysteria[2] > Nemo$, It’s Not Your Fault!, The Good Times Are Killing Me![3], The Triple Wide![4]

Set II: Attachments > Staircase > Miss Tinkle’s Overture[5], August > I Ran

E: Cemetery Walk II, All Night Long[6]

^ Jake on drums
$ Andy on drums
! Ben Atkind on drums
[1] LTP 12-27-2019 (228 shows)
[2] Incomplete; LTP 07-03-2014 (736 shows)
[3] Modest Mouse; LTP 03-17-2017 (473 shows)
[4] Stairway to Heaven teases
[5] Jimmy Stewart with lyrics
[6] Lionel Richie, LTP 02-11-2016 (585 shows)
Entire second set/encore w/Ben Atkind on drums

Hell yeah! What a start!


Soundboard stream cut out. Again.

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Try refreshing mine is good

I love Haunt.


Just tuned in.

God damn good looking start. Blecho now

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That snare… chefs kiss my lord

Good lord Joel’s backing vocals are so bad


Just logged in and when back to listen to The Haunt. Jake playing very well on this.

And BB kicked ass in the improv

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This is my first time couch terring while I work. I dig free streams on Sunday nights.

Killer opening sequence for Chat! Throwing down for roughly 700 cap according to @kev347

Holy fuck Full Frontal are you kidding me


Andy sounds great during it too

Hysteria lol

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This has gotta be a Pony setlist

Lol was that a full version?

Nah not even close.

Is this hiccup or a nemo jam?

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Walked back in the room and was laughing. Used to love that they covered it when I was getting into UM years ago yet I know absolutely nothing about Def Leppard.

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From what I could tell, BB just teased it a bit between songs and they just started playing along. I doubt it was even on the setlist.

Even with cemetary walk this set 1 is insanely stacked. Also I love Nemo when it gets a jam