2023/08/19 - Saranac Brewery - Utica, NY

08/19/2023 - Saranac Brewery - Utica, NY

Set I: Soul Food I^, Uncommon^, August^, Cemetery Walk!, Susanah!, Front Porch!, Cirrus$[1], Girlfriend Is Better&

Set II: The Silent Type%, It Doesn’t Matter%, Got Your Milk (Right Here)% > In the Kitchen%, Booth Love%, Cemetery Walk II%

E: Partyin’ Peeps%, Bennie and the Jets%[2]

^ Jake on drums
! Xanadu on drums
$ Issac Teel on drums
[1] FTP; Bonobo
& Duane Trucks on drums, A.C. Carter on keys
% Duane Trucks on drums
[2] LTP 12/30/13 - 796 shows


Anyone else having issues with the scam, er, stream? It worked for a few minutes, and now it’s dead.


Yes. Nothing working here. Had the first few mins of Soul Food I and then it cut out…

Wish they just did the nugs subscriber “free” stream. Usually the most reliable.

Show looks fun so far during this first set.


That was cool

Bonobo cover with Isaac sounds dope


Its finally happening


Still salty the sound board stream isn’t working.

Dang that’s a good looking first set

Brenda lyrics at the end of Bennie

Definitely not the first time they’ve played Cirrus. Columbia SC Sync 2016 I think was the first time.


Is this supposed to be a thing?

Interesting looking set. No AFAF songs

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Just thinking the same. Great cover choice. Wasn’t @OSUmBeaverPhreak talking about them covering it earlier this year? Whatever happened to him?


Yes. Pay $5 and get an NFT and you can stream live and listen back as well.

That looks like a really fun show

Front Porch jamming might have been the highlight, Cirrus was really cool as well.

I didn’t see it on All Things Umphrey’s. Got a date?

Only finding last night as a debut for Cirrus. Maybe a tease in that show?