2023/07/13 - 4848 Festival - Snowshoe, WV

Set I: (11:02 - 12:05)

Slacker, Miami Virtue>WW&S, Night Nurse, Hiccup >SF1> Roctopus

Set II: (12:27 - )

Resolution->The Fuzz>Glory>Small Strides, Snucka 1&2&3, Ringo, Partyin’ Peeps


Mother Nature robbing us of potential jams… such is life I suppose

Anything noteworthy?

Small Strides was the highlight, for sure. Resolution wasn’t too shabby either.

This Day Nurse rips too

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Seems like every time they play 4848 they bring it way harder than other festivals

Second set looks killer on paper.

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That Day Nurse is awesome!


Day Nurse is the best of the show for me, Strides is solid but never quite gets there, when they finally get to something good they go back into the end. Nurse has a greay sustained build. Reso 1st jam also short but very sweet.


I would agree that Day Nurse was the best part. But the second set is really good.

Agreed. I also like the little blissful jam coming out of hiccup. Nice to see them open that song up.

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Thank you! I mentioned that to Joel on twitter that they should open up Hiccup! I think the song just makes sense to have a stew in it, so its nice to see this pop up

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Listening to this while cooking dinner. Whoa this Day Nurse is sick. Pretty nice seamless drop into Breathe at the end of the SF jam too. Really solid set overall.

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Definitely love Day Nurse thru Soul Food. Tight.

Yo 2nd time through this Day Nurse and it’s so fucking good. I’m putting this in my top 5 of the year I don’t care that it’s not very long it’s amazing for what it is.


Mandatory what drugs were/are you on?


Nobody talking Miami?!? Totally fluffable

Can’t stand Snuck-a. Such a set killer there, but outside of that, it’s a real solid fest show. They had a good show there a few years ago in a 2 hour slot as well. They like WV apparently.

Go to 4848 if you haven’t!

One day I’ll catch an UM show in WV…

I love Snucka but imo it works best as a set closer or encore