2023/06/02 - Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton, NH

I: Leave Me Las Vegas > Get in the Van, Similar Skin, Plunger > Wellwishers, Seasons, Roctopus

II: Hurt Bird Bath, Wife Soup, The Triple Wide > Believe the Lie, Remind Me

E: Hangover


This is consistently the loudest and rowdiest crowd at every show I’ve been to. Eating up 6 min Sim Skins and major Plunger outro jams


Surprisingly decent jam in the first HBB slot

Cool little Jake dare I say, jazzy, solo break in this Soup. Haven’t heard that before


Whens famtachments?

Really awkward > into BtL

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This has to be the first five song set of the year?

Set 2 Cleveland

Edit: definitely set 2 of Philly not Cleveland like @LarrySellers just said. Was at both shows but had them mixed up

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Pretty sure there were a few at the start of the year. Philly set 2 for sure

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Second set for sure. They are just hard to remember, because they are rare these days.

Decided to scope out ATU… may have missed 1 or 2, but there were more than I thought. They were definitely feeling it to begin the year

2023 5 song sets:

1/13 DC Set 2
1/14 Philly Set 2
1/20 Port Chester Set 2
1/21 Port Chester Set 1
1/27 Grand Rapids Set 1
2/4 Minneapolis Set 2
2/25 Las Vegas Set 1
4/28 Wilmington Set 2
6/2 Hampton Set 2


Did BtL have the demented jazzy intro or > into the song?

Jazzy intro

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How long was that second set? Seems promising

Think it was like 10:10-11:30. No JOTY’s but fun set


The term “jazzy” has been used a few times recently, kind of excited for the FMG show.

Nice looking old school setlist. Kinda bummed I missed a show five minutes from my house but oh well

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Bummed to miss HBC, rarely do i miss a show there. Just couldnt swing it this weekend, working OT yesterday and playing a wedding today with an early load-in. Definitely looks like lots of room for improv, couldve crossed off a few songs ive been chasing too. I’ll never get a BtL…