2023/04/13 - Jannus Live - St. Petersburg, FL

Set I: Le Blitz > All In Time > Mad Love, Always October > Kabump [1] > Hiccup, Ringo ~> Meeting In The Aisle > Ringo > All In Time

Set II: Escape Goat > Bad Friday, Staircase, Der Bluten Kat > Release [2] > Der Bluten Kat, The Triple Wide

E: Glory > Partyin Peeps

[1] - Can’t See Me (2Pac) jam
[2] - 11/18/2021 - 109 show gap

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Always love a kabump.

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All in time after le blitz

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Fixed. Much Obliged

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Damn I missed a segue into Mad Love followed by Always October? I am one of those 'Phreaks who enjoys both tunes. I don’t think I’ve seen Always October yet.

I’m pretty damn sure about the bassline, I was happy to hear that one develop.

Solid segue > Hiccup

Hiccup is one of the few new songs I actually like.

It has their fingerprints of the older songwriting in there. The way its verses and bridge especially are structured it still sounds like proggy UM

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I thought it was sick. RINGO…AWE YEAH BRAHS!


Love me a good Ringo. Take to the big Kahana boys!

What’s up if you have to pick one?

  • Ringo
  • Hurt Bird Bath
  • Der Bluten Kat

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Up or out?

I’m pretty baked so I had to flesh that out more lol. At first I was like, they’ll understand what I mean, but it didn’t really make sense unless you were high inside my head.


@hbbubblebath \m

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Meeting In The Aisle!


Your Radiohead

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Was gonna say this is a sick jam but I guess it’s a cover. Lame


Personally I felt the jam was going nowhere until the MITA segment so I was pretty stoked to hear it. It’s been a while. I’ve caught two or three of them I think - 2.27.08, 6.5.08, 2.9.10 iirc. Seeing my favorite band to see live cover my favorite band is always a treat.

Does it?

This second jam is much more aligned with my tastes. A 1/2 Ringo is better than most other songs imo. I wonder if they’ve played one as good as that San Diego one since then. I feel like @WhoDatVols was talking about a Ringo in the JOTY thread earlier this year.