2023/02/26 - Tempe Beach Park - Tempe, AZ

One set: Bridgeless > Glory > 2nd Self, I Don’t Know What I Want, Hiccup, The Silent Type, Make It Right, Day Nurse > Bridgeless, Booth Love


Festival?? Baseball title??? Tonight’s setlist absolutely and unquestionably brought to you by:


Guaranteed 40’s and Higgins

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IDKWIW is the one I missed in Iceland. Solid jam in bridgeless too. Wasn’t expecting much but very pleasant and sunny fest set in February. No complaints!

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Pleasantly surprised at no Hartswick sitins. Seems standard-ish though. Glad to see Hiccup make it in there. No covers all weekend in 5 shows again.

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Do you live in the valley?

Not since 2017. I still have family and friends in the area though, I usually come out here 1-2 times a year.

They played some of their better new songs, so I can’t complain there. Bridgeless was the only major improv, Booth Love briefly got going too but they were short on time.

Was Day Nurse actually jammed out or drums’d??

Solid effort, especially considering this has gotta be the 1st 5 night run for them in quite some time

It was a short little jam, almost seemed like a tease of a song but I can’t figure out what it is.

Edit: ATU has it as " with Workin’ Day and Night (Michael Jackson) jam"

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That’s sweet && appreciated considering the 5 night run. Tasteful tease, glad to hear it was enjoyable I’ll give it a spin tomorrow. I really want them to jam Hiccup, it would be so simple for them to get back into the song from a stew

Just got thru tST. Not a bad little festi set actually, very clean effort


Yeah I enjoyed this set much more than their 2019 headlining fest set in Phoenix. Playing earlier gave them peak weather too. Nothing better than Phoenix Spring Training weather during the day! Had to jacket up for Eddie Vedder later that evening.

I Don’t Know What I Want was the song I missed arriving late N2 in Iceland, so I appreciated that one. Combine that with Hiccup for the best case Ontario new songs for a set. I’ve been itching for Glory since the Cap run too. Obviously not as strong as the full shows I’ve seen this year but I wasn’t expecting that either.

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@funktastic do your thing