2023/02/24 - House of Blues - Anaheim CA

Per ATU except it’s missing the [1]:

Set 1: Goonville > Out of Focus, Wife Soup, All In Time > Always October, Night Nurse, Water > All In Time
Set 2: Dump City, Cut the Cable, Ringo, Escape Goat > Slacker, JaJunk
Encore: In The Kitchen [1]

[1] Heard It Through The Grapevine jam

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None of this is confirmed and I ain’t great at this but but dgaf

Set 1 (8:32-9:45):
Out of focus, soup, all in time (great jam, short drums into 3 good section with good peak, long and girthy, great transition out) → always October > night nurse (solid jam, slippery transition to second theme but stick the landing) > water (decent short jam) > end all in time

Set 2 (10:16 - 11:31)

Dump (juicy and loosey, starts cshore but goes into an extended cool segment, stasik led), cable, ringo (jam 1: nice and chill, Jake led good melody; jam 2: also Jake led starts funky jazzy, into a spacey groove that resolves nicely; ends with Bayliss melody), goat (nothing special, ambient transition) > slacker (dirty kinda honky tonk into a Joel riff on the theme, ends in a rock section), jajunk (started downtempo, transition into Jake bb call response rainy post rock thing before picking up tempo).

Encore 11:34 - ? kitchen (cool jam that goes into a grapevine jam, overall short


Set list

out of focus structure chart I think

I got a drumstick


There’s the Wife Soup for the WC run.

Where I’m at


Great view!

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So my opinion is that the song selection, while pedestrian, is void any stinkers, so that’s a plus…and the jam quality for the night was all pretty much b+\a- (except for goat) and everything seemed pretty patient with basically zero chug offs…lots of dancy and melodic mellow stuff. Need a relisten to pinpoint the best of the night. Good show, would UM again.


Nice play by play, @NikoEstevan

First set has some of the longest UM compositions, not much room for improv but glad the AIT delivered big. Second set looks super jam heavy tho!


You kidding this setlist is excellent


Up on nugs, don’t remember the cable being that long but maybe I forgot to note something good in it

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They have Ringo and Cable mislabeled. I saw the 5 minute Ringo and my eyes popped out of my head, but it’s actually CtC.


Oh yah, definitely the case. The ringo was classic 2 jam segments

Edit: yah they need to relabel and swap positions, cable was before ringo

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This Junk jam is both fantastic and a bit of an abortion. Jake is about to send this shit and the band pulls the rug out from under him. Still an absolute heater.


that was a heater…can’t wait for tonight in Vegas

Ringo was standard or unfinished? Weird

Standalone? Thats not @UnCommon_5

Nugs shows a 5 minute track time so either really short or unfinished. I think of Ringo as one of their big jam vehicles hence why I mention it

Oh word. Yeah thats weird. Probably just tracked wrong?

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Yea, it was heading towards the JOTY thread, but really didnt like how it ended.


That said, the AIT is definitely JOTY-worthy. Takes them a good half hour into this show to drop any improv but this rips, relentless dance groove. This is that patient locked in Jake, not overplaying, just adding that reverby Andy Summers-ish texture for a good while before he finally delivers the well-earned peak.

Awesome to see Heard it Through the Grapevine jam pop up, it’s been a while, I would have been thrilled to catch that.


The ringo on nugs is cut the cable and vice versa, so it’s actually 16min

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