2023/02/11 - Jam Cruise 19, MSC Divina - Atlantic Ocean

One Set: Plunger > Day Nurse, 40’s Theme, Push the Pig[1], Small Strides, 1348[2] > Drums[2][3] > 1348[2], Creep[4], Escape Goat > The Linear[5][6] > Glory[5], Bridgeless

[1] with Little Stranger rap
[2] with Rory Dolan replacing Kris on drums
[3] with Andee Avila on percussion
[4] with Kanika Moore on vocals
[5] with Mike Dillon on percussion
[6] with The Floor jams

Not really sure on the details of all these sit ins

Looks like they played the hits for both Jam Cruise sets.


Hoping Linear had a solid jam with Mike Dillon, that would be cool

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Seriously. Gross

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On a damn boat, and they couldn’t be bothered to play Ocean Billy?


Do they think the people that paid thousands of dollars to be on “JAM Cruise” wouldn’t appreciate a bustout?


A majority of ppl on Jam Cruise are there for funk bands and to dress up every day like it’s Halloween. I’m sure nobody on the boat was upset they didn’t play The Haunt…


Updated the sit in notes for as best as I can tell. Sounds like Kris might have switched back on drums for the return to 1348 but I’m not really sure.

I haven’t listened to anything yet but almost 18 minute ITK has my interest piqued

EDIT: wrong set thread

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The coolest thing about this show (and yes, this is damning with faint praise, but it’s still a cool moment), is the first minute of Glory. Kris and Mike keep the beat from the Linear jam going over the beginning of Glory and it’s actually a really cool “island punk” version of the song :slight_smile: