2023/02/10 - Jam Cruise 19, MSC Divina - Atlantic Ocean

One Set: The Silent Type, Remind Me, Wappy Sprayberry > Cut the Cable, In the Kitchen, Hurt Bird Bath[1], Hajimemashite, Speak Up, Den, JaJunk

[1] with Led Boots (Jeff Beck) and March of the Winkies (Arlen) jams

It’s like you told an AI bot to construct and Umphrey’s festival setlist


I’d take FFM’s shrimp pizza over this set




Not sure why they would let Bayliss, Bayliss this up on the boat. This isn’t your regular festival but you play a set like no one has heard of you in Arizona (looking at you innings fest).

Hopefully jams were good since they’ve been playing really well this winter tour. I still need to do this once in my life. Videos and pictures I’ve seen look like overall festival is fun as hell. Still rather do holidaze though since I’m not huge on cruises.


Bayliss gonna cause some motherfuckers to start taking headers off the back of the boat with sets like these


I wasn’t expecting any heaters from Jam Cruise considering they’re probably either drunk AF or Bayliss brought his kids along or both.


Bayliss needs no excuse to fuck up a setlist


I’m curious for a gig like this, who from the UM crew travel, outside the band? Is it just “essential personnel”? Following some of the staff on IG, definitely seems like the whole UM crew isn’t on the ship.

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Yikes just saw it’s Frasco’s Birthday today. Incoming sit in or Frasco Fiasco part douche incoming for tonight’s show.


Anyone know how long this set was? That’s a whole lotta songs

I would’ve assumed they’re all there, but idk. Not like they’ve got a huge crew to begin with


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Listened to the encore of the previous show before starting this one and it’s crazy how different and much more compressed it sounds.

Usually I skip ahead to the jam in Wappy but neglected to here and oof that flub.

the setlist itself may be uninspired, but some decent stuff in this show.

Fly gigs…

Yeah I know they don’t have all their gear including Chris’ board. Just such a stark difference listening back to back.

I’ve always found it really interesting just how different UM fly gigs sound compared to other bands. My best guess is that his system is just so dialed, that any small changes make a huge difference.

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Silent type is pretty good