2023/01/28 - The Fillmore - Detroit, MI

Set I (7:30p): Catshot > Pure Saturation > Nothing Too Fancy[1] > Suxity, Mulche’s Odyssey, So Much > I Don’t Know What I Want > Made to Measure[2], Wizard Burial Ground /set (8:46p)

Set II (9:16p): JaJunk, Wife Soup > Spires > Escape Goat > Nothing Too Fancy, Creep[3], Hurt Bird Bath /set (10:26p)

E (10:30p): Believe the Lie (/10:43p)

[1] It’s About That Time tease
[2] with Mike Quinn on saxophone
[3] Radiohead, with Kanika Moore on vocals

Watching via the nft stream (which is a dope usecase for an nft, imo)

Digging the N2F jam. AND as I type this they’re starting to tease It’s About That Time. Love it

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Is an nft stream anything different from a normal stream? Just more exclusive?

it’s different in that it’s the only way to stream tonight’s show. And the stream is shittier than a typical couch ter stream cuz it’s just a single camera @ the soundboard. So you don’t get the close up angles and sometimes it loses the HD fidelity. But whatever.

Sound quality is righteous, as always.

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seems this

Yeah - I guess each show nft has a limited #. But any nft from any show in 2023 gives access. So there’s a good # of spots.

Frankly, I’m already a crypto (most btc to be honest) nerd so to take a flier on one of these umphrey’s nfts was extraordinarily easy for me to do just to kick the tires and see what the hell it was all about.

I think 99+% of NFTs (and “crypto,” for that matter) is complete dogshit - that said, there are interesting use cases with regards to music and so it’s cool to see the band fucking around with it. (one big usecase being that it could put ticketmaster out of business. band can issue show tickets directly and we can verify them when we buy them second hand, etc.)

New new new new new new

come again?

Lots o new songs I reckon. This is certainly… a first set.


tell us how you really feel? :yum:

Lol I’m not watching so maybe the jams are there, but that song selection… not up my alley at all

I liked the n2f jam, otherwise i’m with you.

Well you got some Wizard rn for redemption. This rounds out the set and somehow I hit 3/5 on my pick5 for tonight’s show just in the first set. hahah

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Wizard is a step in the right direction

When was the last nine song set?



That set is barkin harder than them dawgs wooooooo boi. Shame on you bayliss


Having nothing to do with the actual substance of of your comment, do those composed walkout songs rly count as songs?

Maybe since they put out an album of them? :cold_face:

My brother is there tonight wonder how he’s digging it. Lots of new stuff and kind of weird selections.

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Dude. Doom Flamingo fucking sucks. You must have awesome cocaine, props.