2022 Dates?

3/10-3/12 - Wham Bam Festival - Pittsboro, NC
3/31 - Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY
4/1 - Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY
4/2 - Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY
5/7 - Joy Theater - New Orleans, LA
5/8 - Joy Theater - New Orleans, LA
6/23 - Electric Forest Festival - Rothbury, MI
6/30-7/3 - High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA

Apparently @Terruntz was doing some sleuthing and we are getting two nights at the National in Richmond around the Wham Bam date.

I’ve also read we are getting Colorado dates in April and in May, though that doesn’t make much sense. The rumor was two nights at the Mission in April then a Red Rocks date end of May.

I’m really hoping they get included in the Summer Meltdown announcement next month and that the two nights in Portland that were heavily rumored for August 2020 come to fruition. Nothing would make me happier than seeing the Biscuits to send me off from Oregon!

Anyway, if anyone has any deetz I’ve sourced most of mine from PT but always down to hear more rumors.


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Weak thread title

Fingers crossed they make up the midwest dates that they canceled twice.

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They don’t have the draw in those cities, just don’t see it happening unfortunately.

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3 nights at Mission/no red rocks is word on the street from what I’ve heard.

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Yea, they need to play new cities to gain fans, though. 2021 was a pretty awful year for the Biscuits in terms of quality of playing. Can only think of a very small handful of shows that had anything of note.

End of 2019 had the passion. Biscuits are the type of band who is only good when they are consistently playing. Fingers crossed they get back to that in 2022.


Eh 2021 wasn’t that bad Chris. Saw 20 shows, and only 5 or so were pretty bad. All 3 nights of Mish, Caverns, and Vegas had some banging segments to em, if not complete sets. Barber has looked pretty happy to be on stage, which has a lot to do with it. New years run was pretty lame, but there were some awesome shows last fall for the biscuits.

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Vegas n2 was a certified banger, ill give you that. Other two nights, though, not so much.

I think the future is very bright, though. Covid obviously fucked shit up, but hoping by fall 2022, we are back to winter '19 levels.


NYE had moments that were good-great but compared to the rest of the year I certainly can agree it was B range shows. The highs were high but they needed a 4 night run if they were really going to take off for NYE. Agreed with Cryan they really do get better the more they play

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12/30 gotta be top 3-5 show of 2021

Gotta agree, the 30th was definitely the winner of the 2 nights, I was thinking that as I was leaving the shows on New Years

Ryan- Crix>minions>crix from night 1 vegas was no slouch either, that shit was banging. Night 3 babz was pretty sloppy, but fun was still had. Every time babz would miss a note, Brownie would give him an evil look, and babz would just laugh his ass off.

Andrusy- I wouldn’t even put 12/30 in the top 10 shows I saw last year for tDB, especially after I went back and listened again. We still had fun, and thankfully the new gf digs em. She flew out with me without ever seeing em before. The 4.5 hour covid check line before 12/30 wasn’t fun, but didn’t effect my rating of it. Tractorbeam on 12/30 sucked the life out of the venue.


Who is getting excited for the Mission? Just over a month….think I might start looking at Jazz Fest flights too. Going to be a lot of fun had both weekends!

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Extremely excited! GF and I are in, and a bunch of folks in Biscuits Family are making the trek.

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You talking NOLA? I looked at flights from Portland a couple weeks ago and I just can’t drop $800 on airfare right now while I’m saving to move. But I will be in Denver!

Hell no not Nola. I don’t do well in the humidity. :crazy_face: Mission!

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