2022/11/04 - Aggie Theater - Fort Collins, CO

I: Pantomime [17] [*]> Pull the Lever [**], Dar Bon [9]

**FTP, Mister F


Stall them dude. Our quick stop for tacos ended up taking forever. Sad.

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Illegal Pete’s had a 75 min wait so we bailed on food there. Famtomime is cookin rn

We ordered 40 minutes ago at DGT. Boo.

See you soon.

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Colin really let himself go.


Think both jams were solid in this show, cool chord changes and a few different sections in Pantomime, and then a fun modulating jam in Dar Bon. Lever is gonna be cool to have in the catalog, features Brian on vocoder. I think we kinda rushed it lol

Lever is fun, looking forward to seeing how it grows. Improv in Pantomime was great!

Kind of a spotty debut, we rushed it a little and it didn’t hit as hard as intended. We’ll polish it a little more and it’s also set to have some big jams once we have more time

This Pantomime is phenomenal